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TPA3221 Datasheet(PDF) 11 Page - Texas Instruments

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Part # TPA3221
Description  100-W Stereo, 200-W Mono HD-Audio, Analog-Input, Class-D Amplifier
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Manufacturer  TI1 [Texas Instruments]
Direct Link  http://www.ti.com
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TPA3221 Datasheet(HTML) 11 Page - Texas Instruments

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8 Parameter Measurement Information
All parameters are measured according to the conditions described in the Recommended Operating Conditions.
Most audio analyzers will not give correct readings of Class-D amplifiers’ performance due to their sensitivity to
out of band noise present at the amplifier output. AES-17 + AUX-0025 pre-analyzer filters are recommended to
use for Class-D amplifier measurements. In absence of such filters, a 30-kHz low-pass filter (10
Ω + 47 nF) can
be used to reduce the out of band noise remaining on the amplifier outputs.
9 Detailed Description
9.1 Overview
TPA3221 is designed as a feature-enhanced cost efficient high power Class-D audio amplifier. It has built-in
advanced protection circuitry to ensure maximum product robustness as well as a flexible feature set including
built in LDO for easy supply of low voltage circuitry, selectable gain, switching frequency, master/sleve
synchronization of multiple devices, selectable PWM modulation scheme, mute function, temperature and
clipping status signals. TPA3221 is with a bandwidth greater than 100 kHz and low output noise designed for
high resoluiton audio applications and accepts both differential and single ended analog audio inputs at levels
from 1 VRMS to 2 VRMS. With its closed loop operation TPA3221 is designed for high audio performance with a
system power supply between 7 V and 30 V.
To facilitate system design, the TPA3221 needs only a (typical) 30 V power stage supply. The TPA3221 has an
internal voltage regulator supplied from the VDD pin for the analog and digital system blocks and the output
stage gate drive respectively. The VDD pin can be connected directly to PVDD in case of only this power supply
rail available.
To reduce device power losses external 5 V supplies can be used for the AVDD and VDD supply pins. The
internal voltage regulator connected to the VDD pin is automatically turned off if using external 5 V supply for this
pin. Although supplied from the same 5 V source, separating AVDD and VDD on the printed-circuit board (PCB)
by RC filters (see application diagram for details) is recommended. These RC filters provide the recommended
high-frequency isolation. Special attention should be paid to placing all decoupling capacitors as close to their
associated pins as possible. In general, the physical loop with the power supply pins, decoupling capacitors and
GND return path to the device pins must be kept as short as possible and with as little area as possible to
minimize induction (see Layout Examples for additional information).
The floating supplies for the output stage high side gate drives are supplied by built-in bootstrap circuitry
requiring only an external capacitor for each half-bridge.
For a properly functioning bootstrap circuit, a small ceramic capacitor must be connected from each bootstrap pin
(BST_X) to the power-stage output pin (OUT_X). When the power-stage output is low, the bootstrap capacitor is
charged through an internal diode connected between the gate-drive power-supply pin (GVDD) and the bootstrap
pins. When the power-stage output is high, the bootstrap capacitor potential is shifted above the output potential
and thus provides a suitable voltage supply for the high-side gate driver. It is recommended to use 33 nF ceramic
capacitors, size 0603 or 0805, for the bootstrap supply. These 33 nF capacitors ensure sufficient energy storage,
even during minimal PWM duty cycles, to keep the high-side power stage FET (LDMOS) fully turned on during
the remaining part of the PWM cycle.
Special attention should be paid to the power stage power supply; this includes component selection, PCB
placement, and routing.
For optimal electrical performance, EMI compliance, and system reliability, it is important that each PVDD_X
node is decoupled with 1 μF ceramic capacitors placed as close as possible to the PVDD supply pins. It is
recommended to follow the PCB layout of the TPA3221 reference design. For additional information on
recommended power supply and required components, see the application diagrams in this data sheet.

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