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PC8477BV-1 Datasheet(PDF) 33 Page - National Semiconductor (TI)

[Old version datasheet] Texas Instruments acquired National semiconductor.
Part # PC8477BV-1
Description  Advanced Floppy Disk Controller
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Manufacturer  NSC [National Semiconductor (TI)]
Direct Link  http://www.national.com
Logo NSC - National Semiconductor (TI)

PC8477BV-1 Datasheet(HTML) 33 Page - National Semiconductor (TI)

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50 Functional Description (Continued)
TLF11332 – 5
FIGURE 5-1 PC8477B Data Separator Block Diagram
The internal data separator consists of an analog PLL and
its associated circuitry The PLL synchronizes the raw data
signal read from the disk drive The synchronized signal is
used to separate the encoded clock and data pulses The
data pulses are deserialized into bytes and then sent to the
P by the controller
The main PLL consists of five main components a phase
comparator a charge pump a filter a voltage controlled
oscillator (VCO) and a programmable divider The phase
comparator detects the difference between the phase of the
divider’s output and the phase of the raw data being read
from the disk This phase difference is converted to a cur-
rent by the charge pump which either charges or discharg-
es one of three filters which is selected based on the data
rate The resulting voltage on the filter changes the frequen-
cy of the VCO and the divider output to reduce the phase
difference between the input data and the divider’s output
The PLL is ‘‘locked’’ when the frequency of the divider is
exactly the same as the average frequency of the data read
from the disk A block diagram of the data separator is
shown in
Figure 5-1
To ensure optimal performance the data separator incorpo-
rates several additional circuits The quarter period delay
line is used to determine the center of each bit cell and to
disable the phase comparator when the raw data signal is
missing a clock or data pulse in the MFM or FM pattern A
secondary PLL is used to automatically calibrate the quarter
period delay line The secondary PLL also calibrates the
center frequency of the VCO
To eliminate the logic associated with controlling multiple
data rates the PC8477B supports each of the four data
rates (250 300 500 kbs and 1 Mbs) with a separate
optimized internal filter The appropriate filter for each data
rate is automatically switched into the data separator circuit
when the data rate is selected via the Data Rate Select or
Configuration Control Register These filters have been opti-
mized through lab experimentation and are designed into
the controller to reduce the external component cost asso-
ciated with the floppy controller The PC8477B has a dy-
namic window margin and lock range performance capable
of handling a wide range of floppy disk drives Also the data
separator will work well under a variety of conditions includ-
ing the high motor speed fluctuations of floppy compatible
tape drives
The controller takes best advantage of the internal analog
data separator by implementing a sophisticated read algo-
rithm The ID search algorithm shown in
Figure 5-2 en-
hances the PLL’s lock characteristics by forcing the PLL to
relock to the crystal reference frequency any time the data
separator attempts to lock to a non-preamble pattern This
algorithm ensures that the PLL is not thrown way out of lock
by write splices or bad data fields

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