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TCU10000 Datasheet(PDF) 2 Page - Red Lion Controls. Inc

Part No. TCU10000
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Manufacturer  REDLION [Red Lion Controls. Inc]
Direct Link  http://www.redlion.net/
Logo REDLION - Red Lion Controls. Inc

TCU10000 Datasheet(HTML) 2 Page - Red Lion Controls. Inc

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A linear 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 VDC output signal is available to interface
with actuators, chart recorders, indicators, or other controllers. The output signal
can be digitally scaled and selected to transmit one of the following: % output
power, process temperature value, process temperature value deviation or
setpoint value. For Linear DC control applications, the adjustable output
demand dampening, output deadband and output update time parameters
expand the versatility of the TCU with final control devices.
The optional Heater Current Monitor serves as a digital ammeter for heater
current monitoring. Current transformer accessory (CT005001), is required. An
alarm event output can be programmed to signal when the heater or heater
control devices have failed, before damage to process material occurs. The
Heater Break alarm triggers under two conditions:
1) The main output (OP1) is “on” and the heater current is below the heater
current alarm value, indicating an aged or failed heater.
2) Output (OP1) is “off” and the heater current is more than 10% of the alarm
value, indicating a shorted heater control device or other problem.
The optional Motorized Valve Positioner directly controls the position of a
valve by the use of twin outputs (open and close) to control the direction of
motor rotation. The motor position defines the opening position of the valve.
Two control modes are possible: position control, which makes use of the
slidewire feedback signal supplied with the positioner and velocity control, in
which no slidewire feedback signal is used. Parameters are provided to adjust
the operation of the valve. These include:
Valve activity hysteresis
Valve update time
Variable control dampening
Slidewire signal fail action
Adjustable valve position limits.
The valve positioner TCU achieves tight process control, yet minimizes
unnecessary valve activity. An alarm event output or display alarm can be
programmed under loss of slidewire feedback or under valve fail detection.
The optional Second Analog Input (0-20 mA DC) can be configured as a
remote setpoint signal or as a secondary process signal. Configuration of the
second analog input as a remote setpoint signal allows ratio control, master
setpoint/multiple slave operation, and the ability to cascade the TCU with
another controller (external cascade). Configuration of the second input as a
secondary process signal allows operation as a two-process cascade controller
within a single unit (internal cascade). In either control mode, parameters are
provided to scale, configure, communicate and monitor the activity of both
analog inputs. A square law linearizer function can be used to linearize signals
derived from flow transmitters.
The optional RS485 multidrop serial communication interface provides two-
way communication between a TCU unit and other compatible equipment such
as a printer, a programmable controller, or a host computer. In multipoint
applications the address number of each unit on the line can be programmed from
0-99. Up to thirty-two units can be installed on a single pair of wires. The
Setpoint value, % Output Power, Setpoint Ramp Rate, etc. can be interrogated or
changed by sending the proper command code via serial communications. Alarm
output(s) may also be reset via the serial communications interface option.
An optional Type 4X/IP65 rated bezel is available for wash down and/or dirty
environments, when properly installed. Modern surface-mount technology,
extensive testing, plus high immunity to noise interference makes the controller
extremely reliable in industrial environments.
All safety related regulations, local codes and instructions that appear in the
manual or on equipment must be observed to ensure personal safety and to
prevent damage to either the instrument or equipment connected to it. If
equipment is used in a manner not specified by the manufacturer, the protection
provided by the equipment may be impaired.
Do not use the TCU to directly command motors, valves, or other actuators
not equipped with safeguards. To do so, can be potentially harmful to persons
or equipment in the event of a fault to the unit. An independent and redundant
temperature limit indicator with alarm outputs is strongly recommended. The
indicators should have input sensors and AC power feeds independent from
other equipment.
1. DISPLAY: Dual 4-digit
Upper Temperature Display: 0.4" (10.2 mm) high red LED
Lower Auxiliary Display: 0.3" (7.6 mm) high green LED
Display Messages (Model dependent):
- Appears when measurement exceeds + sensor range.
- Appears when measurement exceeds - sensor range.
“OPEN” - Appears when open sensor is detected.
- Appears when shorted sensor is detected (RTD only)
- Appears when display values exceed + display range.
- Appears when display values exceed - display range.
- Appears when loss of slidewire signal is detected.
- Appears when valve actuator error is detected.
2. POWER: Switch selectable for 115/230 VAC (+10%, -15%) no observable
line variation effect, 48 to 62 Hz, 10 VA
LED Backlight Status Indicators (Model dependent):
- Lower auxiliary display shows power output in (%).
- Lower auxiliary display shows deviation (error)
from temperature setpoint.
- Main control output is active.
- Alarm #1 is active.
- Alarm #2 is active (for Dual Alarm Option).
- Cooling output is active (for Cooling Option).
- Valve positioner OPEN output is active
(for Valve Positioner option).
- Valve positioner CLOSE output is active
(for Valve Positioner option).
- Lower auxiliary display shows heater current
(for Heater Current Monitor option).
- Lower auxiliary display shows second analog input
(For Second Analog Input option).
- Flashing: Controller is in manual mode.
- ON: controller is in remote setpoint mode
(Second Analog Input option).
- OFF: controller is in local setpoint mode
(Second Analog Input option).
- Flashing: controller is in Manual control mode
(Second Analog Input optional).
4. CONTROLS: Four front panel push buttons for modifying and setup of
controller functions and one external input for parameter lockout or other
Sample Period: 100 msec
Response Time: 300 msec (to within 99% of final value w/step input;
typically, response is limited to response time of probe)
Failed Sensor Response:
Main Control Output(s): Programmable preset output
Display: “OPEN”
Alarms: Upscale drive
DC Linear: Programmable preset output
Normal Mode Rejection: 40 dB @ 50/60 Hz (improves with increased
digital filtering.
Common Mode Rejection: 100 dB, DC to 60 Hz
Protection: Input overload 120 VAC for 30 seconds.
Types: T, E, J, K, R, S, B, N, Linear mV
Input Impedance: 20 M Ω all types
Lead resistance effect: 20 µV/350 Ω
Cold junction compensation: Less than ±1°C error over 0 - 50°C ambient
temperature range. Disabled for Linear mV type.
Resolution: 1°C/F all types, or 0.1°C/F for T, E, J, K, and N only.
7. RTD: 2, 3 or 4 wire, 100 Ω platinum, alpha = 0.00385 (DIN 43760),
alpha = 0.003916
Excitation: 0.175 mA
Resolution: 1 or 0.1 degree
Lead Resistance: 7 Ω maximum
Errors include NIST conformity and A/D conversion errors at 23°C after 20
min. warm-up. Thermocouple errors include cold junction effect. Errors are
expressed as ±percent of reading and ± 3/4 LSD unless otherwise noted.
-200 to +400°C
-328 to +752°F
0.20% + 1.5°C
0.20% + 2.7°F
-200 to 750°C
-328 to +1382°F
0.20% + 1.5°C
0.20% + 2.7°F
-200 to +760°C
-328 to +1400°F
0.15% + 1.5°C
0.15% + 2.7°F
-200 to +1250°C
-328 to +2282°F
0.20% + 1.5°C
0.20% + 2.7°F
0 to +1768°C
+32 to +3214°F
0.15% + 2.5°C
0.15% + 4.5°F
0 to +1768°C
+32 to +3214°F
0.15% + 2.5°C
0.15% + 4.5°F
+200 to +1820°C
+300 to +3308°F
0.15% + 2.5°C
0.15% + 4.5°F
-200 to +1300°C
-328 to +2372°F
0.20% + 1.5°C
0.20% + 2.5°F
-5.00 to 56.00
0.15% + 1 LSD
-200 to +600°C
-328 to +1100°F
0.10% + 0.5°C
0.10% + 0.9°F
-160 to +600°C
-256 to +1100°F
0.10% + 0.5°C
0.10% + 0.9°F
1.0 to 320.0
0.15% + 1 LSD

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