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4RGB-QAM-IP Datasheet(PDF) 1 Page - THOR communications

Part # 4RGB-QAM-IP
Description  Full Digital HD, the smartest solution for any quality HD Video Distribution
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Manufacturer  THOR [THOR communications]
Direct Link  http://www.thorfiber.com
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4RGB-QAM-IP Datasheet(HTML) 1 Page - THOR communications

  4RGB-QAM-IP Datasheet HTML 1Page - THOR communications  
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Thor Broadcast Encoder: Modulators are one of a kind. Video Broadcasting Processing;
real time distribution to all your TVs with Perfect Vision and Control (Low Latency 70-
125ms). Our RF Digital modulator are perfect for many different installation like Hotels,
Hospitals, Jails, Institutions, University’s, Stadiums, Gyms, Corporate Offices, Casinos,
Cruise Lines, Private Channels, Jets, Airplanes, Yachts, Retirement Homes, Digital
Signals, Security Systems, Sports Bars, Clubs, Private Home Entertainment and much
more. Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, if you aren’t happy send it back
and receive your full refund. Also 24 hour 7 days a week technical support + free Team
Viewer sessions and training On top of Thor Broadcast 5 year warranty!
Converts Four HD High Definition Video Signals into Digital RF TV Channels that can
inject directly to the coaxial cabling and receive on any Digital HD stations on the
channel list. Up to 1080P Real FULL HD resolution already supported by the live sports
and events, entertainment channels as well by your televisions and all playback
devices, with picture perfect digital Sound and Picture. The IPTV SPTS simultaneous
streaming output is available as option to watch all programs also over Wi-Fi & LAN on
tablets, computers, mobile devices. Plug & play, we program your desired channels
before shipping so it’s as easy as connecting your video sources + the coax out to get
picture perfect HDTV; all cords and cables are also included!
Connect all your HDMI video sources, any TV1080p Full HD
Set Output Channels
Set the Channel Numbers as you want them to list on your TVs
Connect Coax
Connect the Coax output directly to the coax distribution splitter to all your TVs
Scan Your TVs
Find your new channels on all your TVs, added to the channel list as you need
HD Video Quality
One MPEG Encoding Card per Each Input - Very Best HD Quality up to 1080p FULL HD
Picture Details Quality
B r o a d ca s t - G r a de , o u t s ta n d i n g fo r l i ve s po r t s * * s t a n d a r d
l a t e n c y : 7 0 0 - 1 2 0 0 m s L o w L a t e n c y : 7 0 m s - 1 2 5 **
Video Inputs
4Ch digital universal HDMI full digital sound and HD Picture Inputs - up to 1080p
Input Resolution
Auto-Detect - Up to 1080p FULL HD and full motion @ 60 Frames per seconds
VGA input
Connects VGA and L/R audio via optional cable adapter scalar to any HDMI Input
DVI input
Connect any DVI video and L/R audio to the HDMI + L/R input
Bonus Channels
Up to 4 additional channels from ASI input via common TS media players / USB
Closed Caption / TXT
All formats
Encoding Modes
MPEG2 / MPEG4 H264 selectable by software per each channel, please let
us know witch firmware would fit your application the best, up to 1080i/p
ATSC 2.0 1080p
Already Compatible with the Newest MPEG4 H264 ATSC 2.0 American Standard up to 1080p
Encoding Latency
Broadcast-Grade Ultra Low Latency - Real Time Encoding and
Distribution over coax 70-125ms. Standard latency models 700-1200ms
Encoding Bitrates
Selectable from 0.5 to 30 Megabits/s per channel - VBR/CBR Stat
Encoding Quality Broadcast-Grade TRIPLE-PASS Motion Estimation with CRYSTAL-VIEW
Encoding Control
Video Bitrate, CBR/VBR, Ultra-fast encoding modes, 1080P mpeg2 mpeg4 mode
Audio Inputs
4X HDMI Audio Embedded - digital
Audio Format
All Modes as well Digital Multi-channel pass-through
Audio / Video pair
Each Video Input can use either Digital or L/R analog audio in
(select by the best fit software for your application)
Analog Audio with
Input analog Audio from the L/R Digital Video ports and combine with the Digital
Digital Video Input
Input analog Audio from the L/R ports and combine with the
Mer Quality
Very High Quality Mer of 45dB+ the best reception on all TVs over any existing Coax Cables
Spectrum Quality
Digital DDS spectrum for perfect operation on any coax, also adjacent to other
Change Standard Output Standard can also be changed on site via software and
USB cable
Channel Numbers
Can be set to Any Channel - (Full Band 30-950 Megahertz) any bandwidth
Output Level
Full HeadHend RF level out +45 dB millivolts - Directly drives splitters and long Coax Cables
Coax Distribution
Distributes channels over any existing coax cable system to an unlimited number
of Digital Televisions
RF Carriers
Multi-Channel Mode (one channel out per each video in xx.1 yy.1 zz.1) or Mux
Mode (All Programs in one Channel with sub channels as xx.1 xx.2 xx.3) each
mode is selectable by software USA QAM Digital Cable
American Cable Standard - All Modes supported, including 64QAM and 256QAM
USA ATSC OFF AIR Digital TV Model American Digital OFF-AIR Standard - All
Modes supported
DVB-C Cable Model
All DVB-C Modes supported, as well all world-wide standards J.83A + J.83B +
J.83C + J.83D DVB-T/T2 Model; All World-Wide Modes Supported - 6 / 7 / 8 MHz
Bandwidth - South America / NZ / AU / EU All Supported
IP Streaming out
1x Gigabit IPTV streaming output port
4x selectable RTP/UDP SPTS Single Program Transport Streams, IGMP,
14 Megabit/s in MPEG2 mode - 3.5 Megabit/s in MPEG4 H264
Average Bitrate per
14 Megabit/s in MPEG2 & MPEG4 H.264 mode Stream- 3.
Multicast Broadcast
1 stream (1 time the bitrate) can serve
an unlimited number of IPPlay on Any IP Device Compatible to any IP Video player
Software, IPTV set top Boxes, PCs, Tablets, Phones, and IPTVs
Play on Airplay / DNLA
requires WIFI access point server - plays directly from Safari, Apple TV3, and WIFI TVs
GPI Port Available SNMP Module - dry
Front Panel
Easy Setup & Control through display and panel keyboard - Clear Led Status
Indicators visible anywhere
WEB Remote Control
Integrated WEB interface to login and remote control from anywhere
SNMP Remote Control
SNMP control via standard MIB file driver - compatible to any NMS SNMP
Interface Dedicated RJ45 100 Base-T Ethernet Network Port
Channels Expansion
Daisy-Chain or Coax
Can connect Multiple Units also of different models for the wanted number of
Internal Professional Power Supply with power switch - 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 65W max
Enclosure Dimensions
1.72" H x 19" W x 15.35 D
System Weight
8 lbs. (3.7 kg)
Power Cord Included
Compatible to your country socket Video Input Cables Included (HDMI / SDI /
Analog based on model) ASI input Cable Included
5 year Warranty on all Thor products
Cables and accessories
Power Cords, HDMI, SDI BNC cables
Full Digital HD, the smartest solution for any quality HD Video Distribution
Distribute an amount of HD video signals to HDTV over the existing Coax Cables
Customize your modulator to what fits you the best!
Choose your choice of HDMI/HD-SDI/ RGB inputs for stunning Digital HD Quality!
Pick how many channels: Up to 4 Independent input: 4 channel outputs
Up to 1080p @60 Frames per second!
Choose what backbone you need (QAM, ATSC, DVB-T) All models support all 3
Create your own Channels that you can view on any HDTV!
RF Headend output level to receive on any TV via the Existing antenna cables
RF output level set for you to receive TV with the existing coax cables.
Antenna Input on our rear panel can play local channels
Watch your programs via WIFI + LAN on computers, laptops and even cellphones!
IPTV outputs HD video to stream directly to smart phones, computers& tablets!
Connectors, cables and all power cords are supplied
Lifetime 24hour 7days a week FREE tech support with our English engineers
Team Viewer seasons included + an unheard of 5 Years of warranty!

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