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BD6722FS Datasheet(PDF) 11 Page - Rohm

Part No. BD6722FS
Description  Multifunction Single-phase Full-wave Fan Motor Driver
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Maker  ROHM [Rohm]
Homepage  http://www.rohm.com

BD6722FS Datasheet(HTML) 11 Page - Rohm

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© 2012 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.
28.JUL.2012 Rev.002
●Operational Notes
1) Absolute maximum ratings
An excess in the absolute maximum ratings, such as supply voltage, temperature range of operating conditions, etc.,
can break down the devices, thus making impossible to identify breaking mode, such as a short circuit or an open
circuit. If any over rated values will expect to exceed the absolute maximum ratings, consider adding circuit protection
devices, such as fuses.
2) Connecting the power supply connector backward
Connecting of the power supply in reverse polarity can damage IC. Take precautions when connecting the power
supply lines. An external direction diode can be added.
3) Power supply line
Back electromotive force causes regenerated current to power supply line, therefore take a measure such as placing a
capacitor between power supply and GND for routing regenerated current. And fully ensure that the capacitor
characteristics have no problem before determine a capacitor value. (When applying electrolytic capacitors,
capacitance characteristic values are reduced at low temperatures)
4) GND potential
It is possible that the motor output terminal may deflect below GND terminal because of influence by back
electromotive force of motor. The potential of GND terminal must be minimum potential in all operating conditions,
except that the levels of the motor outputs terminals are under GND level by the back electromotive force of the motor
coil. Also ensure that all terminals except GND and motor output terminals do not fall below GND voltage including
transient characteristics. Malfunction may possibly occur depending on use condition, environment, and property of
individual motor. Please make fully confirmation that no problem is found on operation of IC.
5) Thermal design
Use a thermal design that allows for a sufficient margin in light of the power dissipation (Pd) in actual operating
6) Inter-pin shorts and mounting errors
Use caution when positioning the IC for mounting on printed circuit boards. The IC may be damaged if there is any
connection error or if pins are shorted together.
7) Actions in strong electromagnetic field
Use caution when using the IC in the presence of a strong electromagnetic field as doing so may cause the IC to
8) ASO
When using the IC, set the output transistor so that it does not exceed absolute maximum rations or ASO.
9) Thermal shut down circuit
The IC incorporates a built-in thermal shutdown circuit (TSD circuit). Operation temperature is 175°C (typ.) and has a
hysteresis width of 25°C (typ.). When IC chip temperature rises and TSD circuit works, the output terminal becomes an
open state. TSD circuit is designed only to shut the IC off to prevent thermal runaway. It is not designed to protect the
IC or guarantee its operation. Do not continue to use the IC after operation this circuit or use the IC in an environment
where the operation of this circuit is assumed.
10) Testing on application boards
When testing the IC on an application board, connecting a capacitor to a pin with low impedance subjects the IC to
stress. Always discharge capacitors after each process or step. Always turn the IC’s power supply off before
connecting it to or removing it from a jig or fixture during the inspection process. Ground the IC during assembly steps
as an antistatic measure. Use similar precaution when transporting or storing the IC.
11) GND wiring pattern
When using both small signal and large current GND patterns, it is recommended to isolate the two ground patterns,
placing a single ground point at the ground potential of application so that the pattern wiring resistance and voltage
variations caused by large currents do not cause variations in the small signal ground voltage. Be careful not to
change the GND wiring pattern of any external components, either.
12) Capacitor between output and GND
When a large capacitor is connected between output and GND, if Vcc is shorted with 0V or GND for some cause, it is
possible that the current charged in the capacitor may flow into the output resulting in destruction. Keep the capacitor
between output and GND below 100µF.
13) IC terminal input
When Vcc voltage is not applied to IC, do not apply voltage to each input terminal. When voltage above Vcc or below
GND is applied to the input terminal, parasitic element is actuated due to the structure of IC. Operation of parasitic
element causes mutual interference between circuits, resulting in malfunction as well as destruction in the last. Do not
use in a manner where parasitic element is actuated.
14) In use
We are sure that the example of application circuit is preferable, but please check the character further more in
application to a part that requires high precision. In using the unit with external circuit constant changed, consider the
variation of externally equipped parts and our IC including not only static character but also transient character and
allow sufficient margin in determining.
●Status of this document
The Japanese version of this document is formal specification. A customer may use this translation version only for a
reference to help reading the formal version.
If there are any differences in translation version of this document, formal version takes priority.

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