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LM2408 Datasheet(PDF) 5 Page - National Semiconductor (TI)

[Old version datasheet] Texas Instruments acquired National semiconductor.
Part No. LM2408
Description  Monolithic Triple 4.5 ns CRT Driver
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Maker  NSC [National Semiconductor (TI)]
Homepage  http://www.national.com

LM2408 Datasheet(HTML) 5 Page - National Semiconductor (TI)

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The output rise and fall times will be slower than specified if
the load capacitance at the output is more than 8 pF as
shown in
Figure 8
TLH12683 – 9
FIGURE 8 Effect of Load Capacitance on
RiseFall Time
The monitor designer should ensure that stray capacitance
applied to the LM2408 is as low as possible
Power supply current increases as the input signal increas-
es and consequently power dissipation also increases
The LM2408 cannot be used without heat sinking Typical
‘‘average’’ power dissipation with the device output voltage
at one half the supply voltage is 19W per channel for a total
dissipation of 57W package dissipation The power dissipa-
tion does not vary much as output voltage varies The
LM2408 case temperature must be maintained below
100 C If the maximum expected ambient temperature is
50 C then a maximum heat sink thermal resistance can be
Rth e
100 C b 50 C
88 CW
This example assumes a typical CRT capacitive load and is
without a resistive load Note that this thermal resistance
must be achieved when the heat sink is operating in the
For optimum performance an adequate ground plane isola-
tion between channels good supply bypassing and minimiz-
ing unwanted feedback are necessary Also the length of
the signal traces from the preamplifier to the LM2408 and
from the LM2408 to the CRT cathode should be as short as
possible The following references are recommended
Ott Henry W ‘‘Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic
Systems’’ John Wiley and Sons New York 1976
‘‘Guide to CRT Video Design’’ National Semiconductor Ap-
plication Note 861
‘‘Video Amplifier Design for Computer Monitors’’ National
Semiconductor Application Note 1013
Because of its high small signal bandwidth the part may
oscillate when it is used in a typical application with a
preamp in a monitor if feedback occurs around the video
amplifier through the chassis wiring To prevent this leads
to the input circuit should be shielded and input circuit wir-
ing should be spaced as far as possible from output circuit
wiring Power should be removed as quickly as possible
from an amplifier that is oscillating since power dissipation
in the part is very high in this mode and the part may be
damaged if oscillations continue and the power supply can
supply more than 250 mA
Capacitive loading on the output will cause some overshoot
and peaking This can be controlled by placing a resistor in
series with the output of the part Because of differences in
stray capacitance in different pc board layouts the best val-
ue of resistance to use must be determined separately for
each application Typical values between 50X and 200X
provide good performance with the larger values resulting
in less peaking and slower rise and fall times
Driving the output voltage of the part outside of its linear
range will cause distorted signal waveforms and recovery
times that are very much longer than the specified rise and
fall times When the amplifier output voltage is being driven
from positive saturation into the linear range an overshoot
of several volts for up to 50 ns may occur In a typical moni-
tor design this may occur if blanking pulses are applied to
the video signal The output voltage range should be limited
so this does not happen and will be approximately no lower
than 25V and no higher than VCCb5V
A typical application of the LM2408 is shown in
Figure 9
Used in conjunction with an LM1205 a complete video
channel from monitor input to CRT cathode can be
achieved Performance is satisfactory for all applications up
to 1280 c 1024 non-interfaced and pixel clock frequencies
up to 160 MHz
www nationalcom

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