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M25P16 Datasheet(PDF) 27 Page - STMicroelectronics

Part No. M25P16
Description  16 Mbit, Low Voltage, Serial Flash Memory With 50 MHz SPI Bus Interface
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Maker  STMICROELECTRONICS [STMicroelectronics]
Homepage  http://www.st.com

M25P16 Datasheet(HTML) 27 Page - STMicroelectronics

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At Power-up and Power-down, the device must
not be selected (that is Chip Select (S) must follow
the voltage applied on VCC) until VCC reaches the
correct value:
–VCC(min) at Power-up, and then for a further
delay of tVSL
–VSS at Power-down
Usually a simple pull-up resistor on Chip Select (S)
can be used to insure safe and proper Power-up
and Power-down.
To avoid data corruption and inadvertent write op-
erations during power up, a Power On Reset
(POR) circuit is included. The logic inside the de-
vice is held reset while VCC is less than the POR
threshold value, VWI – all operations are disabled,
and the device does not respond to any instruc-
Moreover, the device ignores all Write Enable
(WREN), Page Program (PP), Sector Erase (SE),
Bulk Erase (BE) and Write Status Register
(WRSR) instructions until a time delay of tPUW has
elapsed after the moment that VCC rises above the
VWI threshold. However, the correct operation of
the device is not guaranteed if, by this time, VCC is
still below VCC(min). No Write Status Register,
Program or Erase instructions should be sent until
the later of:
–tPUW after VCC passed the VWI threshold
–tVSL afterVCC passed the VCC(min) level
These values are specified in Table 8..
If the delay, tVSL, has elapsed, after VCC has risen
above VCC(min), the device can be selected for
READ instructions even if the tPUW delay is not yet
fully elapsed.
At Power-up, the device is in the following state:
The device is in the Standby mode (not the
Deep Power-down mode).
The Write Enable Latch (WEL) bit is reset.
Normal precautions must be taken for supply rail
decoupling, to stabilize the VCC feed. Each device
in a system should have the VCC rail decoupled by
a suitable capacitor close to the package pins.
(Generally, this capacitor is of the order of 0.1µF).
At Power-down, when VCC drops from the operat-
ing voltage, to below the POR threshold value,
VWI, all operations are disabled and the device
does not respond to any instruction. (The designer
needs to be aware that if a Power-down occurs
while a Write, Program or Erase cycle is in
progress, some data corruption can result.)
Figure 22. Power-up Timing
Reset State
of the
Chip Selection Not Allowed
Program, Erase and Write Commands are Rejected by the Device
Read Access allowed
Device fully

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