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LM339N Datasheet(PDF) 10 Page - Texas Instruments

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Part No. LM339N
Description  Low-Power Low-Offset Voltage Quad Comparators
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Manufacturer  TI1 [Texas Instruments]
Direct Link  http://www.ti.com
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LM339N Datasheet(HTML) 10 Page - Texas Instruments

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LM139-N, LM239-N, LM2901-N, LM3302-N, LM339-N
7 Detailed Description
7.1 Overview
The LM139/LM239/LM339 family of devices is a monolithic quad of independently functioning comparators
designed to meet the needs for a medium-speed, TTL compatible comparator for industrial applications. Since no
antisaturation clamps are used on the output such as a Baker clamp or other active circuitry, the output leakage
current in the OFF state is typically 0.1 nA. This makes the device ideal for system applications where it is
desired to switch a node to ground while leaving it totally unaffected in the OFF state. Other features include
single supply, low voltage operation with an input common mode range from ground up to approximately one volt
below VCC . The output is an uncommitted collector so it may be used with a pullup resistor and a separate
output supply to give switching levels from any voltage up to 36V down to a V CE SAT above ground
(approximately 100 mV), sinking currents up to 16 mA. The open collector output configuration allows the device
to be used in wired-OR configurations, such as a window comparators.
In addition it may be used as a single pole switch to ground, leaving the switched node unaffected while in the
OFF state. Power dissipation with all four comparators in the OFF state is typically 4 mW from a single 5-V
supply (1 mW/comparator).
7.2 Functional Block Diagram
7.3 Feature Description
The LMx39-N series are high-gain, wide bandwidth devices which, like most comparators, can easily oscillate if
the output lead is inadvertently allowed to capacitively couple to the inputs through stray capacitance. This shows
up only during the output voltage transition intervals as the comparator changes states. Reducing the input
resistors to < 10 k
Ω reduces the feedback signal levels and finally, adding even a small amount (1 to 10 mV) of
positive feedback (hysteresis) causes such a rapid transition that oscillations due to stray feedback are not
possible. Simply socketing the IC and attaching resistors to the pins will cause input-output oscillations during the
small transition intervals unless hysteresis is used. If the input signal is a pulse waveform, with relatively fast rise
and fall times, hysteresis is not required.
The differential input voltage may be larger than V+ without damaging the device. Protection should be provided
to prevent the input voltages from going negative more than
−0.3 VDC (at 25°C). An input clamp diode can be
used as shown in the applications section.
The output of the LMx39-N series is the uncommitted collector of a grounded-emitter NPN output transistor.
Many collectors can be tied together to provide an output OR'ing function. An output pullup resistor can be
connected to any available power supply voltage within the permitted supply voltage range and there is no
restriction on this voltage due to the magnitude of the voltage which is applied to the V+ terminal of the LM139A
package. The output can also be used as a simple SPST switch to ground (when a pullup resistor is not used).
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Copyright © 1999–2014, Texas Instruments Incorporated
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