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DAC124S085 Datasheet(PDF) 24 Page - Texas Instruments

Part No. DAC124S085
Description  DAC124S085 12-Bit Micro Power Quad Digital-to-Analog Converter With Rail-to-Rail Output
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Maker  TI1 [Texas Instruments]
Homepage  http://www.ti.com

DAC124S085 Datasheet(HTML) 24 Page - Texas Instruments

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SNAS348G – MAY 2006 – REVISED APRIL 2016
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Copyright © 2006–2016, Texas Instruments Incorporated
12 Device and Documentation Support
12.1 Device Support
12.1.1 Device Nomenclature
DIFFERENTIAL NON-LINEARITY (DNL) is the measure of the maximum deviation from the ideal step size of
1 LSB, which is VREF / 4096 = VA / 4096.
DAC-to-DAC CROSSTALK is the glitch impulse transferred to a DAC output in response to a full-scale change
in the output of another DAC.
DIGITAL CROSSTALK is the glitch impulse transferred to a DAC output at mid-scale in response to a full-scale
change in the input register of another DAC.
DIGITAL FEEDTHROUGH is a measure of the energy injected into the analog output of the DAC from the digital
inputs when the DAC outputs are not updated. It is measured with a full-scale code change on the data bus.
FULL-SCALE ERROR is the difference between the actual output voltage with a full scale code (FFFh) loaded
into the DAC and the value of VA × 4095 / 4096.
GAIN ERROR is the deviation from the ideal slope of the transfer function. It can be calculated from Zero and
Full-Scale Errors as GE = FSE – ZE, where GE is Gain error, FSE is Full-Scale Error and ZE is Zero Error.
GLITCH IMPULSE is the energy injected into the analog output when the input code to the DAC register
changes. It is specified as the area of the glitch in nanovolt-seconds.
INTEGRAL NON-LINEARITY (INL) is a measure of the deviation of each individual code from a straight line
through the input to output transfer function. The deviation of any given code from this straight line is measured
from the center of that code value. The end point method is used. INL for this product is specified over a limited
range, per Electrical Characteristics.
LEAST SIGNIFICANT BIT (LSB) is the bit that has the smallest value or weight of all bits in a word. This value is
LSB = VREF / 2
VREF is the supply voltage for this product
"n" is the DAC resolution in bits, which is 12 for the DAC124S085
MAXIMUM LOAD CAPACITANCE is the maximum capacitance that can be driven by the DAC with output
stability maintained.
MONOTONICITY is the condition of being monotonic, where the DAC has an output that never decreases when
the input code increases.
MOST SIGNIFICANT BIT (MSB) is the bit that has the largest value or weight of all bits in a word. Its value is
1/2 of VA.
MULTIPLYING BANDWIDTH is the frequency at which the output amplitude falls 3 dB below the input sine wave
on VREFIN with a full-scale code loaded into the DAC.
POWER EFFICIENCY is the ratio of the output current to the total supply current. The output current comes from
the power supply. The difference between the supply and output currents is the power consumed by the device
without a load.
SETTLING TIME is the time for the output to settle to within 1/2 LSB of the final value after the input code is
TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION (THD) is the measure of the harmonics present at the output of the DACs
with an ideal sine wave applied to VREFIN. THD is measured in dB.
WAKE-UP TIME is the time for the output to exit power-down mode. This is the time from the falling edge of the
16th SCLK pulse to when the output voltage deviates from the power-down voltage of 0 V.
ZERO CODE ERROR is the output error, or voltage, present at the DAC output after a code of 000h has been

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