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SPM1006 Datasheet(PDF) 5 Page - Sumida Corporation

Part No. SPM1006
Description  4-28V Input 8A Output Power Supply in Inductor (PSI2) Module
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Maker  SUMIDA [Sumida Corporation]
Homepage  http://www.sumida.com

SPM1006 Datasheet(HTML) 5 Page - Sumida Corporation

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Version 1.5
March 16, 2016
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PIN Name
(A3, B3, C3, D3, E3, F3, G2-G3)
Input voltage pins, referenced to PGND. Connect input ceramic capacitors between these
pins and PGND plane, close to the power module. It is suggest to place the ceramic
capacitors at both sides of the module, one between PIN A3 and PIN A4-A5 and one
between PIN G2-G3 and PIN G4-G5.
(A1, B1)
Auxiliary output from an LDO in the module, which is referenced to AGND. An external
capacitor is not normally necessary but can be added if required.
Note: VAUX pin can only provide 10mA maximum current.
Switching node of the Buck converter. Please connect these pins together using a small
and isolated copper plane under the device for better thermal performance. Do not
connect any external component to these pins. Do not use these pins for other functions.
(E6-E11, F6-F11, G6-G11)
Output voltage pins. Connect these pins together onto a copper plane. Connect external
output filter capacitors between these pins and PGND plane, close to the device.
(A4-A5, A9-A11, B4-B11, C4-
C11, D4-D11, E4, F4-F5, G4-
Zero DC voltage reference for power circuitry. These pins should be connected directly to
the PCB ground plane. All pins must be connected together externally with a copper plane
or poured directly under the module.
(A2, B2, C2)
Zero DC voltage reference for the analog control circuitry. A small analog ground plane is
recommended. VADJ, SS, and VSENSE pins should be referenced to analog ground. These
pins should be connected directly to the PCB analog ground plane. A single point
connection between AGND and PGND in motherboard is recommended.
Enable pin. When above Enable On Voltage (VEN_ON), the power module will be turned on
when the power input voltage (PVIN) is above start up voltage (VSTART). When EN pin is
below Enable Off Voltage (VEN_OFF), the power module will be off.
Output voltage programming pin. Connect a resistor between this pin and PGND top set
the output voltage.
Remote sensing pin. Connect this pin to VOUT close to the load for improved voltage
Note: this pin is not connected to VOUT inside the module, and must be connected
There is no connection to this pin. Leave open or connect to PGND
Power Good pin, an open drain output. A resistor connected between PWRGD and any
voltage up to VIN can be used. PWRGD is high if the output voltage is higher than 90% of
the nominal value. It will be pulled down if the output voltage is less than 80% or higher
than 120% of the nominal value.

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