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TPS61193PWPR Datasheet(PDF) 14 Page - Texas Instruments

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Part # TPS61193PWPR
Description  High-Performance 3-Channel LED Driver
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Manufacturer  TI1 [Texas Instruments]
Direct Link  http://www.ti.com
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TPS61193PWPR Datasheet(HTML) 14 Page - Texas Instruments

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RISET = 2342 / (IOUT ± 2.5)
Converter SW pin DC current is limited to 2 A (typical). To support short termtransient condition the current limit
is automatically increased to 2.5 A for a short period of 1.5 seconds when a 2-A limit is reached.
Application condition where the 2-A limit is exceeded continuously is not allowed. In this
case the current limit would be 2 A for 1.5 seconds followed by 2.5-A limit for 1.5 seconds,
and this 3-second period repeats.
7.3.2 Internal LDO
The internal LDO regulator converts the input voltage at VIN to a 4.3-V output voltage for internal use. Connect a
minimum of 1 µF ceramic capacitor from LDO pin to ground, as close to the LDO pin as possible.
7.3.3 LED Current Sinks Output Configuration
TPS61193 detects LED output configuration during start-up. Any current sink output connected to ground is
disabled and excluded from the adaptive voltage control of the DC-DC and fault detections. Current Setting
Maximum current for the LED outputs is controlled with external RISET resistor. RISET value for target maximum
current can be calculated using Equation 3:
RISET is current setting resistor, kΩ
ILED is output current per output, mA
(3) Brightness Control
TPS61193 controls the brightness of the display with conventional PWM. Output PWM directly follows the input
PWM. Input PWM frequency can be in the range of 100 Hz to 20 kHz. Dimming ratio is calculated as ratio
between the input PWM period and minimum on/off time (0.5 µs).
7.3.4 Protection and Fault Detections
TPS61193 has fault detection for LED open and short, VIN input overvoltage protection (VIN_OVP) , VIN
undervoltage lockout (VIN_UVLO), and thermal shutdown (TSD). Adaptive DC-DC Voltage Control and Functionality of LED Fault Comparators
Adaptive voltage control function adjusts the DC-DC output voltage to the minimum sufficient voltage for proper
LED current sink operation. The current sink with highest VF LED string is detected and DC-DC output voltage
adjusted accordingly. DC-DC adaptive control voltage step size is defined by maximum voltage setting, VSTEP =
(VOUT_MAX - VOUT_MIN) /256. Periodic down pressure is applied to the target voltage to achieve better system
Every LED current sink has 3 comparators for the adaptive DC-DC control and LED fault detections. Comparator
outputs are filtered, filtering time is 1 µs.
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Copyright © 2015, Texas Instruments Incorporated

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April 2019 - Revision 04a
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