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SP6132H Datasheet(PDF) 5 Page - Sipex Corporation

Part No. SP6132H
Description  High Voltage, 300KHz Synchronous PWM Controller
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Maker  SIPEX [Sipex Corporation]
Homepage  http://www.sipex.com

SP6132H Datasheet(HTML) 5 Page - Sipex Corporation

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Date: 8/4/04
SP6132H High Voltage, Synchronous PWM Controller
© Copyright 2004 Sipex Corporation
tection features include thermal shutdown and
short-circuit detection. In the event that either a
thermal, short-circuit, or UVLO fault is de-
tected, the SP6132H is forced into an idle state
where the output drivers are held off for a finite
period before a re-start is attempted.
Soft Start
“Soft Start” is achieved when a power converter
ramps up the output voltage while controlling
the magnitude of the input supply source cur-
rent. In a modern step down converter, ramping
up the positive terminal of the error amplifier
controls soft start. As a result, excess source
current can be defined as the current required to
charge the output capacitor.
IVIN = COUT * DVOUT / DTSoft-start
The SP6132H provides the user with the option
to program the soft start rate by tying a capacitor
from the SS pin to GND. The selection of this
capacitor is based on the 10uA pull up current
present at the SS pin and the 0.8V reference
voltage. Therefore, the excess source can be
redefined as:
IVIN = COUT * DVOUT *10µA / (CSS * 0.8V)
Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO)
The SP6132H contains two separate UVLO
comparators to monitor the bias (VCC) and con-
version (VIN) voltages independently. The VCC
UVLO threshold is internally set to 4.25V,
whereas the VIN UVLO threshold is program-
mable through the UVIN pin. When the UVIN
pin is greater than 2.5V, the SP6132H is permit-
ted to start up pending the removal of all other
faults. Both the VCC and VIN UVLO compara-
tors have been designed with hysteresis to pre-
vent noise from resetting a fault.
Thermal and Short-Circuit
Because the SP6132H is designed to drive large
NFETs running at high current, there is a chance
that either the controller or power converter will
become too hot. Therefore, an internal thermal
shutdown (145
°C) has been included to prevent
the IC from malfunctioning at extreme tempera-
A short-circuit detection comparator has also
been included in the SP6132H to protect against
the accidental short or sever build up of current
at the output of the power converter. This com-
parator constantly monitors the positive and
negative terminals of the error amplifier, and if
the VFB pin ever falls more than 250mV (typi-
cal) below the positive reference, a short-circuit
fault is set. Because the SS pin overrides the
internal 0.8V reference during soft start, the
SP6132H is capable of detecting short-circuit
faults throughout the duration of soft start as
well as in regular operation.
Handling of Faults:
Upon the detection of power (UVLO), thermal,
or short-circuit faults, the SP6132H is forced
into an idle state where the SS and COMP pins
are pulled low and the gate drivers are held off.
In the event of UVLO fault, the SP6132H re-
mains in this idle state until after the UVLO fault
is removed. Upon the detection of thermal or
shor-circuit faults, an internal 200ms (typical)
timer is activated. In the event of a short-circuit
fault, a re-start is attempted immediately after
the 200ms timeout expires. Whereas, when a
thermal fault is detected the 200ms delay con-
tinuously recycles and a re-start cannot be at-
tempted until the thermal fault is removed and
the timer expires.
Error Amplifier and Voltage Loop
As stated before, the heart of the SP6132H
voltage error loop is a high performance, wide
bandwidth transconductance amplifier. Because
of the amplifier’s current limited (+/-150

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