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CDCM6208V1FRGZR Datasheet(PDF) 72 Page - Texas Instruments

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Part No. CDCM6208V1FRGZR
Description  2:8 Clock Generator, Jitter Cleaner with Fractional Dividers
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Manufacturer  TI1 [Texas Instruments]
Direct Link  http://www.ti.com
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CDCM6208V1FRGZR Datasheet(HTML) 72 Page - Texas Instruments

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2.5V, or
VDD_SEC all must rise before PDN toggles high
SCAS943 – MAY 2015
12 Power Supply Recommendations
12.1 Power Rail Sequencing, Power Supply Ramp Rate, and Mixing Supply Domains
Mixing Supplies: The CDCM6208V1F incorporates a very flexible power supply architecture. Each building
block has its own power supply domain, and can be driven independently with 1.8 V, 2.5 V, or 3.3 V . This is
especially of advantage to minimize total system cost by deploying multiple low-cost LDOs instead of one, more-
expensive LDO. This also allows mixed IO supply voltages (e.g. one CMOS output with 1.8 V, another with 3.3
V) or interfacing to a SPI/I2C controller with 3.3 V supply while other blocks are driven from a lower supply
voltage to minimize power consumption. The CDCM6208V1F current consumption is practically independent of
the supply voltage, and therefore a lower supply voltage consumes lower device power. Also note that outputs
Y3:0 if used for PECL swing will provide higher output swing if the according output domains are connected to
2.5 V or 3.3 V.
Power-on Reset: The CDCM6208V1F integrates a built-in POR circuit, that holds the device in powerdown until
all input, digital, and PLL supplies have reached at least 1.06 V (min) to 1.24 V (max). After this power-on
release, device internal counters start (see previous section on device power up timing) followed by device
calibration. While the device digital circuit resets properly at this supply voltage level, the device is not ready to
calibrate at such a low voltage. Therefore, for slow power up ramps, the counters expire before the supply
voltage reaches the minimum voltage of 1.71 V. Hence for slow power-supply ramp rates, it is necessary to delay
calibration further using the PDN input.
Slow power-up supply ramp: No particular power supply sequence is required for the CDCM6208V1F.
However, it is necessary to ensure that device calibration occurs AFTER the DVDD supply as well as the
VDD_PLL1, VDD_PLL2, VDD_PRI, and VDD_SEC supply are all operational, and the voltage on each supply is
higher than 1.45. This is best realized by delaying the PDN low-to-high transition. The PDN input incorporates a
50 k
Ω resistor to DVDD. Assuming the DVDD supply ramp has a fixed time relationship to the slowest of all PLL
and input power supplies, a capacitor from PDN to GND can delay the PDN input signal sufficiently to toggle
PDN low-to-high AFTER all other supplies are stable. However, if the DVDD supply ramps much sooner than the
PLL or input supplies, additional means are necessary to prevent PDN from toggling too early. A premature
toggling of PDN would possibly result in failed PLL calibration, which can only be corrected by re-calibrating the
PLL by either toggling PDN or RESET high-low-high.
Figure 58. PDN Delay When Using Slow Ramping Power Supplies (Supply Ramp > 50 ms)
12.1.1 Fast Power-up Supply Ramp
If the supply ramp time for DVDD, VDD_PLL1, VDD_PLL2, VDD_PRI, and VDD_SEC are faster than 50 ms from
0 V to 1.8 V, no special provisions are necessary on PDN; the PDN pin can be left floating. Even an external
capacitor to GND can be omitted in this circumstance, as the device delays calibration sufficiently by internal
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Copyright © 2015, Texas Instruments Incorporated
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