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K3GN Datasheet(PDF) 13 Page - Omron Electronics LLC

Part No. K3GN
Description  1/32 DIN Digital Panel Meter
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Maker  OMRON [Omron Electronics LLC]
Homepage  http://www.omron.com/index3.html

K3GN Datasheet(HTML) 13 Page - Omron Electronics LLC

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1/32 DIN Digital Panel Meter
Do not touch any of the terminals while power is being supplied.
Doing so may result in electric shock. Also, do not touch the termi-
nals with a screwdriver while power is being supplied. Electrical
shock may result via the screwdriver.
Do not allow metal objects or conductive wire cuttings to enter the
product. Doing so may result in electric shock, fire, or malfunction.
Do not attempt to disassemble, repair, or alter the product. Doing
so may result in electric shock, fire, or malfunction.
Do not use the product where flammable or combustion gasses
are present.
The lifetime of output relays varies greatly with the switching ca-
pacity and conditions. Consider the actual operating conditions,
and use the product within the rated load and electrical service life.
Do not use loads exceeding the rated value. Doing so may result
in damage or burning.
Use a power supply voltage within the specified ratings. Not doing
so may result in damage or burning.
Be sure to tighten the terminal screws securely. The recommend-
ed tightening torque is 0.5 N·m. Loose screws may result in prod-
uct failure or malfunction.
Perform correct setting of the product according to the application.
Failure to do so may cause unexpected operation, resulting in
damage to the unit or injury.
This product is not a safety device. Product failure may prevent op-
eration of comparative outputs. Take safety measures, such as in-
stalling a separate monitoring system, to ensure safety and to
prevent serious accidents caused by such failure, thus ensuring
Observe the following precautions to ensure safety:
1. Do not connect anything to unused terminals.
2. Be sure to check each terminal for correct number and polarity
before connection. Incorrect or reverse connection may damage
or burn out internal components of the K3GN.
3. Do not use the product in locations subject to the following:
• Dust or explosive gasses (e.g., sulfide gas or ammonia gas).
• Condensation or icing as a result of high humidity.
• Outdoors or in direct sunlight.
• Splashing liquid or oil atmosphere.
• Direct radiant heat from heating equipment.
• Extreme changes in temperature.
4. Do not block heat dissipation around the product, i.e., provide suf-
ficient space for heat dissipation. Do not block the ventilation
holes on the back of the product.
5. Do not use paint thinner for cleaning. Use commercially available
6. Use a power supply meeting the power supply specifications of
the K3GN. Be sure that the rated voltage is achieved within 2 s
after turning ON the power.
7. Use the K3GN within the specified temperature and humidity
ranges. When installing the K3GN in a panel, be sure that the
temperature around the K3GN (not the temperature around the
panel) does not exceed 55
°C. If the K3GN is subject to radiant
heat, be sure that the temperature of the surface of the K3GN
exposed to the radiant heat does not exceed 55
°C by providing a
fan or other heat removal method.
8. Store the K3GN within the specified temperature and humidity
9. Do not lay heavy objects on the product during use or storage.
Doing so may deform or deteriorate the K3GN.
10.Conduct aging for 15 minutes min. after power is ON for correct
Recommended panel thickness is 1 to 5 mm.
Insert the K3GN in the square cutout, insert the adapter from the
back, and push the K3GN into the cutout as far as possible. Use
screws to secure the K3GN. To make the K3GN waterproof, insert
watertight packing in the K3GN.
Install the watertight packing in the proper direction. Note that the
packing is direction-sensitive.
When gang-mounting two or more products in a cutout, be sure that
the ambient temperature does not exceed the specifications.
Mount the K3GN as horizontally as possible.
Separate the K3GN from machines generating high-frequency noise,
such as high-frequency welding machines and high-frequency sew-
ing machines.
A K3GN model with a relay contact or transistor output may not out-
put any alarm signal normally if the model has an error. It is recom-
mended that an independent alarm device be connected to the
The parameters are factory-set so that the K3GN will operate nor-
mally. The settings of the parameters may be changed according to
the application.
Wire the power supply with the correct polarity. Wiring with incorrect
polarity may result in damage or burning.
Wire the terminals using crimp terminals.
Tighten terminal screws to a torque of approx. 0.5 N·m.
Wire signal lines and power lines separately to reduce the influence
of noise.
Use M3 crimp terminals of the type shown below.
5.8 mm max.
5.8 mm max.

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