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5P49V5914 Datasheet(PDF) 9 Page - Integrated Device Technology

Part No. 5P49V5914
Description  Generates up to three independent output frequencies
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Maker  IDT [Integrated Device Technology]
Homepage  http://www.idt.com

5P49V5914 Datasheet(HTML) 9 Page - Integrated Device Technology

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REVISION B 07/13/15
Output Skew
For outputs that share a common output divide value, there
will be the ability to skew outputs by quadrature values to
minimize interaction on the PCB. The skew on each output
can be adjusted from 0 to 360 degrees. Skew is adjusted in
units equal to 1/32 of the VCO period. So, for 100 MHz output
and a 2800 MHz VCO, you can select how many 11.161pS
units you want added to your skew (resulting in units of 0.402
degrees). For example, 0, 0.402, 0.804, 1.206, 1.408, and so
on. The granularity of the skew adjustment is always
dependent on the VCO period and the output period.
Output Drivers
The LVCMOS clock outputs are provided with
register-controlled output drivers. By selecting the output drive
type in the appropriate register, any of these outputs can
support LVCMOS logic levels
The operating voltage ranges of each output is determined by
its independent output power pin (VDDO) and thus each can
have different output voltage levels. Output voltage levels of
2.5V or 3.3V are supported for differential HCSL, LVPECL
operation, and 1. 8V, 2.5V, or 3.3V are supported for LVCMOS
and differential LVDS operation.
Each output may be enabled or disabled by register bits.
When disabled an output will be in a logic 0 state as
determined by the programming bit table shown on page 6.
LVCMOS Operation
When a given output is configured to provide LVCMOS levels,
then both the OUTx and OUTxB outputs will toggle at the
selected output frequency. All the previously described
configuration and control apply equally to both outputs.
Frequency, phase alignment, voltage levels and enable /
disable status apply to both the OUTx and OUTxB pins. The
OUTx and OUTxB outputs can be selected to be
phase-aligned with each other or inverted relative to one
another by register programming bits. Selection of
phase-alignment may have negative effects on the phase
noise performance of any part of the device due to increased
simultaneous switching noise within the device.
Device Hardware Configuration
The 5P49V5914 supports an internal One-Time
Programmable (OTP) memory that can be pre-programmed
at the factory with up to 4 complete device configuration.
These configurations can be over-written using the serial
interface once reset is complete. Any configuration written via
the programming interface needs to be re-written after any
power cycle or reset. Please contact IDT if a specific
factory-programmed configuration is desired.
Device Start-up & Reset Behavior
The 5P49V5914 has an internal power-up reset (POR) circuit.
The POR circuit will remain active for a maximum of 10ms
after device power-up.
Upon internal POR circuit expiring, the device will exit reset
and begin self-configuration.
The device will load internal registers according toTable 3.
Once the full configuration has been loaded, the device will
respond to accesses on the serial port and will attempt to lock
the PLL to the selected source and begin operation.
Power Up Ramp Sequence
VDDA and VDDD must ramp up together. VDDO0~3 must
ramp up before, or concurrently with, VDDA and VDDD. All
power supply pins must be connected to a power rail even if
the output is unused. All power supplies must ramp in a linear
fashion and ramp monotonically.

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