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LT1074CT Datasheet(PDF) 5 Page - Linear Technology

Part # LT1074CT
Description  Step-Down Switching Regulator
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Manufacturer  LINER [Linear Technology]
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LT1074CT Datasheet(HTML) 5 Page - Linear Technology

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A switch cycle in the LT1074 is initiated by the oscillator
setting the R/S latch. The pulse that sets the latch also
locks out the switch via gate G1. The effective width of this
pulse is approximately 700ns, which sets the maximum
switch duty cycle to approximately 93% at 100kHz switch-
ing frequency. The switch is turned off by comparator C1,
which resets the latch. C1 has a sawtooth waveform as one
input and the output of an analog multiplier as the other
input. The multiplier output is the product of an internal
reference voltage, and the output of the error amplifier, A1,
divided by the regulator input voltage. In standard buck
regulators, this means that the output voltage of A1
required to keep a constant regulated output is indepen-
dent of regulator input voltage. This greatly improves line
transient response, and makes loop gain independent of
input voltage. The error amplifier is a transconductance
type with a GM at null of approximately 5000µmho. Slew
current going positive is 140
µA, while negative slew
current is about 1.1mA. This asymmetry helps prevent
overshoot on start-up. Overall loop frequency compensa-
tion is accomplished with a series RC network from VC to
Switch current is continuously monitored by C2, which
resets the R/S latch to turn the switch off if an overcurrent
condition occurs. The time required for detection and
switch turn off is approximately 600ns. So minimum
switch “on” time in current limit is 600ns. Under dead
shorted output conditions, switch duty cycle may have to
be as low as 2% to maintain control of output current. This
would require switch on time of 200ns at 100kHz switch-
ing frequency, so frequency is reduced at very low output
voltages by feeding the FB signal into the oscillator and
creating a linear frequency downshift when the FB signal
drops below 1.3V. Current trip level is set by the voltage on
the ILIM pin which is driven by an internal 320µA current
source. When this pin is left open, it self-clamps at about
4.5V and sets current limit at 6.5A for the LT1074 and 2.6A
for the LT1076. In the 7-pin package an external resistor
can be connected from the ILIM pin to ground to set a lower
current limit. A capacitor in parallel with this resistor will
soft-start the current limit. A slight offset in C2 guarantees
that when the ILIM pin is pulled to within 200mV of ground,
C2 output will stay high and force switch duty cycle to zero.
The “Shutdown” pin is used to force switch duty cycle to
zero by pulling the ILIM pin low, or to completely shut down
the regulator. Threshold for the former is approximately
2.35V, and for complete shutdown, approximately 0.3V.
Total supply current in shutdown is about 150
µA. A 10µA
pull-up current forces the shutdown pin high when left
open. A capacitor can be used to generate delayed start-
up. A resistor divider will program “undervoltage lockout”
if the divider voltage is set at 2.35V when the input is at the
desired trip point.
The switch used in the LT1074 is a Darlington NPN (single
NPN for LT1076) driven by a saturated PNP. Special
patented circuitry is used to drive the PNP on and off very
quickly even from the saturation state. This particular
switch arrangement has no “isolation tubs” connected to
the switch output, which can therefore swing to 40V below

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