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BBF2803S Datasheet(PDF) 7 Page - M.S. Kennedy Corporation

Part # BBF2803S
Description  All Ceramic Capacitors
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Manufacturer  MSK [M.S. Kennedy Corporation]
Direct Link  http://www.mskennedy.com
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BBF2803S Datasheet(HTML) 7 Page - M.S. Kennedy Corporation

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The output voltage of the BBF2800S may be adjusted from
90% to 110% of nominal value by the use of a 50KΩ potenti-
ometer as shown. Adjustment beyond this range is possible
however certain characteristics of the converter such as but
not limited to input voltage range, efficiency, ripple and tem-
perature performance will change. Characterization by the user
is recommended in such applications.
Adjust/comp (pin 4) may be driven by external circuitry refer-
enced to pin 8 (-output sense) if desired. Grounding pin 4
causes output voltage to increase (25% typically) while driving
pin 4 above 1.3V causes output voltage to decrease. Pin 4
may be driven through 10KΩ or more if connection of the comp
function is also required.
The comp function of pin 4 allows transient response and
phase margin to be tailored to suit a specific application. This
feature may be utilized by connecting a small (1-500nF) capaci-
tor between pins 4 and 6 or 7. This is generally recommended
when very large low ESR load capacitances are used.
Pin 2 is used for remote shutdown, output fault detection,
and/or setting the input voltage point at which the converter
will turn on as shown in the typical application diagram. No
connection to pin 2 is necessary for normal operation of the
converter. Pin 2 is referenced to pin 12 (-input).
Shutdown may be implemented by simply connecting pin 2
to an open collector logic output or switch rated at 2.5mA,
25Vdc or higher.
Input voltage turn on point is programmed with a single resis-
tor from pin 2 to 12. An input turn on/off hysteresis (typically
3.5% of Vin) will be observed. This should be considered when
making or verifying set point adjustment. The value of the
setpoint resistor may be determined by the following:
(±10% accuracy at 25°C)
Set point temperature coefficient is typically +400ppm/°C.
Output fault monitoring is accomplished by observing pin 2 with
a high impedance monitoring circuit. Pin 2 voltage drops from
over 10V to below 1V when a load fault causes the converters
fault protection circuitry to activate. It will remain low for at
least 100mS and return high. If the load fault is still present pin
2 will return low and the cycle will repeat. If there is no input
setpoint programming resistor already in place a resistor
>400KΩ from pin 2 to 12 will provide pin 2 pull down.
Synchronized operation of up to three BBF2800S series con-
verters may be accomplished without external components. One
unit selected to be the master is connected normally with pin
10 grounded. The clock output pin 3 will provide the sync sig-
nal for up to two slave units. The slave units have pin 10 not
connected and receive the clock signal into pin 11. The clock
signal lines may be shielded to prevent radiation. A separate 50
ohm coax to each slave unit is recommended in order to pre-
serve signal integrity. Shield ends should be connected to pin
12 of the nearest converter.
BBF2800S converters may also be synchronized to an exter-
nal 500 KHz (+/- 5%) frequency source driving pin 11 of the
converters. Pin 10 is not connected. The converters synchronize
to the positive edge of the frequency source allowing a variety
of wave forms (pulse, square, spike) to be used. Pin 11 is
internally capacitively coupled allowing unipolar or bipolar fre-
quency sources to be used. The source should have a waveform
rise time of 20 ns or less and be capable of driving at least 4 volts
peak into each 50 ohm pin 11 input (50 volts peak max).
An externally synchronized unit may be used to synchronize
other (slave) units. The slave units may be used in turn to
synchronize other slave units from their pin 3 outputs. Each
“generation” of slave units has a delay (100-200ns typical) from
the unit that it is synchronizing to.
8548-34 Rev. H 4/12

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