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80960CA-25 Datasheet(PDF) 6 Page - Intel Corporation

Part No. 80960CA-25
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Maker  INTEL [Intel Corporation]
Homepage  http://www.intel.com

80960CA-25 Datasheet(HTML) 6 Page - Intel Corporation

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21 The C-Series Core
The C-Series core is a very high performance micro-
architectural implementation of the 80960 Core Ar-
chitecture The C-Series core can sustain execution
of two instructions per clock (50 MIPs at 25 MHz)
To achieve this level of performance Intel has incor-
porated state-of-the-art silicon technology and inno-
vative microarchitectural constructs into the imple-
mentation of the C-Series core Factors that contrib-
ute to the core’s performance include
 Parallel instruction decoding allows issuance of
up to three instructions per clock
 Single-clock execution of most instructions
 Parallel instruction decode allows sustained
simultaneous execution of two single-clock in-
structions every clock cycle
 Efficient instruction pipeline minimizes pipeline
break losses
 Register and resource scoreboarding allow simul-
taneous multi-clock instruction execution
 Branch look-ahead and prediction allows many
branches to execute with no pipeline break
 Local Register Cache integrated on-chip caches
CallReturn context
 Two-way set associative 1 Kbyte integrated in-
struction cache
 1 Kbyte integrated Data RAM sustains a four-
word (128-bit) access every clock cycle
22 Pipelined Burst Bus
A 32-bit high performance bus controller interfaces
the 80960CA to external memory and peripherals
The Bus Control Unit features a maximum transfer
rate of 100 Mbytes per second (at 25 MHz) Internal-
ly programmable wait states and 16 separately con-
figurable memory regions allow the processor to in-
terface with a variety of memory subsystems with a
minimum of system complexity and a maximum of
performance The Bus Controller’s main features in-
 Demultiplexed Burst Bus to exploit most efficient
DRAM access modes
 Address Pipelining to reduce memory cost while
maintaining performance
 32- 16- and 8-bit modes for IO interfacing ease
 Full internal wait state generation to reduce sys-
tem cost
 Little and Big Endian support to ease application
 Unaligned access support for code portability
 Three-deep request queue to decouple the bus
from the core
23 Flexible DMA Controller
A four-channel DMA controller provides high speed
DMA control for data transfers involving peripherals
and memory The DMA provides advanced features
such as data chaining byte assembly and disassem-
bly and a high performance fly-by mode capable of
transfer speeds of up to 45 Mbytes per second at
25 MHz The DMA controller features a performance
and flexibility which is only possible by integrating
the DMA controller and the 80960CA core
24 Priority interrupt Controller
A programmable-priority interrupt controller man-
ages up to 248 external sources through the 8-bit
external interrupt port The interrupt Unit also han-
dles the four internal sources from the DMA control-
ler and a single non-maskable interrupt input The
8-bit interrupt port can also be configured to provide
individual interrupt sources that are level or edge
Interrupts in the 80960CA are prioritized and sig-
naled within 270 ns of the request If the interrupt is
of higher priority than the processor priority the con-
text switch to the interrupt routine typically is com-
plete in another 480 ns The interrupt unit provides
the mechanism for the low latency and high through-
put interrupt service which is essential for embedded

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