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IDT79R4640 Datasheet(PDF) 5 Page - Integrated Device Technology

Part No. IDT79R4640
Description  Low-Cost Embedded 64-bit RISController w/ DSP Capability
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Maker  IDT [Integrated Device Technology]
Homepage  http://www.idt.com

IDT79R4640 Datasheet(HTML) 5 Page - Integrated Device Technology

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April 10, 2001
address is “in bounds”, the value of the corresponding “base” register is
added to the virtual address to form the physical address for that refer-
ence. If the address is not within bounds, an exception is signalled.
This facility enables multiple user processes in a single physical
memory without the use of a TLB. This type of operation is further
supported by a number of development tools for the RC4640, including
real-time operating systems and “position independent code”.
Kernel mode addresses do not use the base-bounds registers, but
rather undergo a fixed virtual-to-physical address translation.
Debug Support
Debug Support
Debug Support
Debug Support
To facilitate software debug, the RC4640 adds a pair of “watch” regis-
ters to CP0. When enabled, these registers will cause the CPU to take
an exception when a “watched” address is appropriately accessed.
Interrupt Vector
Interrupt Vector
Interrupt Vector
Interrupt Vector
The RC4640 also adds the capability to speed interrupt exception
decoding. Unlike the RC4700, which utilizes a single common exception
vector for all exception types (including interrupts), the RC4640 allows
kernel software to enable a separate interrupt exception vector. When
enabled, this vector location speeds interrupt processing by allowing
software to avoid decoding interrupts from general purpose exceptions.
Cache Memory
Cache Memory
Cache Memory
Cache Memory
To keep the RC4640’s high-performance pipeline full and operating
efficiently, the RC4640 incorporates on-chip instruction and data caches
that can each be accessed in a single processor cycle. Each cache has
its own 64-bit data path and can be accessed in parallel. The cache
subsystem provides the integer and floating-point units with an aggre-
gate bandwidth of over 3200 MB per second at a pipeline clock
frequency of 267MHz. The cache subsystem is similar in construction to
that found in the RC4700, although some changes have been imple-
mented. Table 4 is an overview of the caches found on the RC4640.
Instruction Cache
Instruction Cache
Instruction Cache
Instruction Cache
The RC4640 incorporates a two-way set associative on-chip instruc-
tion cache. This virtually indexed, physically tagged cache is 8KB in size
and is parity protected.
Because the cache is virtually indexed, the virtual-to-physical
address translation occurs in parallel with the cache access, thus further
increasing performance by allowing these two operations to occur simul-
taneously. The tag holds a 20-bit physical address and valid bit, and is
parity protected.
The instruction cache is 64-bits wide, and can be refilled or accessed
in a single processor cycle. Instruction fetches require only 32 bits per
cycle, for a peak instruction bandwidth of 1068MB/sec at 267MHz.
Sequential accesses take advantage of the 64-bit fetch to reduce power
dissipation, and cache miss refill, can write 64 bits-per-cycle to minimize
the cache miss penalty. The line size is eight instructions (32 bytes) to
maximize performance.
In addition, the contents of one set of the instruction cache (set “A”)
can be “locked” by setting a bit in a CP0 register. Locking the set
prevents its contents from being overwritten by a subsequent cache
miss; refill occurs then only into “set B”.
This operation effectively “locks” time critical code into one 4kB set,
while allowing the other set to service other instruction streams in a
normal fashion. Thus, the benefits of cached performance are achieved,
while deterministic real-time response is preserved.
Data Cache
Data Cache
Data Cache
Data Cache
For fast, single cycle data access, the RC4640 includes an 8KB on-
chip data cache that is two-way set associative with a fixed 32-byte
(eight words) line size. Table 4 lists the RC4640 cache attributes.
The data cache is protected with byte parity and its tag is protected
with a single parity bit. It is virtually indexed and physically tagged to
allow simultaneous address translation and data cache access
The normal write policy is writeback, which means that a store to a
cache line does not immediately cause memory to be updated. This
increases system performance by reducing bus traffic and eliminating
the bottleneck of waiting for each store operation to finish before issuing
a subsequent memory operation. Software can however select write-
through for certain address ranges, using the CAlg register in CP0.
Cache protocols supported for the data cache are:
Addresses in a memory area indicated as uncached will not be
read from the cache. Stores to such addresses will be written
directly to main memory, without changing cache contents.
Loads and instruction fetches will first search the cache, reading
main memory only if the desired data is not cache resident. On
data store operations, the cache is first searched to see if the
target address is cache resident. If it is resident, the cache con-
2-way set associative 2-way set associative
Line size
Write policy
writeback /writethru
Line transfer order
read sub-block order
read sub-block order
write sequential
write sequential
Miss restart after transfer of entire line
first word
Cache locking
set A
set A
Table 4 RC4640 Cache Attributes

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