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ZXRD1033PQ16 Datasheet(PDF) 8 Page - Diodes Incorporated

Part # ZXRD1033PQ16
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Manufacturer  DIODES [Diodes Incorporated]
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ZXRD1033PQ16 Datasheet(HTML) 8 Page - Diodes Incorporated

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Applications (continued)
Inductor Selection
The inductor is one of the most critical components in
the DC-DC circuit.There are numerous types of devices
available from many suppliers. Zetex has opted to
specify off the shelf encapsulated surface mount
components, as these represent the best compromise
in terms of cost, size, performance and shielding.
The SimpleSync
TM technique uses a main inductor
with an overwinding for the gate drive which is
available as a standard part. However, for engineers
who wish to design their own custom magnetics, this
is a relatively simple and low cost construction
technique. It is simply formed by terminating one of
the multiple strands of litz type wire separately. It is
still wound on the same core as the main winding and
only has to handle enough current to charge the gate
of the synchronous MOSFET. The major benefit is
circuit simplification and hence lower cost of the control
IC. For non-synchronous operation, the overwinding is
not required.
The choice of core type also plays a key role. For
optimum performance, a ’swinging choke’ is often
preferred. This is one which exhibits an increase in
inductance as load current decreases. This has the net
effect of reducing circulating current at lighter load
improving efficiency. There is normally a cost
premium for this added benefit. For this reason the
chokes specified are the more usual constant
inductance type.
Peak current of the inductor should be rated to
minimum 1.2IOUT (max) . To maximise efficiency, the
winding resistance of the main inductor should be less
than the main switch output on resistance.
Schottky Diode
Selection depends on whether a synchronous or
non-synchronous approach is taken. For the
ZXRD1000, the unique approach to the synchronous
drive means minimal dead time and hence a small
SOT23 1A DC rated device will suffice, such as the
ZHCS1000 from Zetex. The device is only designed to
prevent the body diode of the synchronous MOSFET
from conducting during the initial switching transient
until the MOSFET takes over. The device should be
connected as close as possible to the source terminals
of the main MOSFET.
For non-synchronous applications , the Schottky diode
must be selected to allow for the worst case
conditions, when VIN is at its highest and VOUT is
lowest (short circuit conditions for example). Under
these conditions the device must handle peak current
at close to 100% duty cycle.
Frequency Adjustment
The nominal running frequency of the controller is set
to 200kHz in the applications shown.
This can be
adjusted over the range 50kHz to 300kHz by changing
the value of capacitor on the CT pin.
A low cost
ceramic capacitor can be used.
Frequency = 60000/C3 (pF)
Frequency v temperature is given in the typical
Output Voltage Adjustment
The ZXRD1000 is available as either a fixed 5V, 3.3V or
adjustable output. On fixed output versions, the VFB pin
should be connected to the output. Adjustable operation
requires a resistive divider connected as follows:
The value of the output voltage is determined by the
= VFB (1 +
Note: The adjustable circuit is shown in the following
transient optimisation section. It is also used in the
evaluation PCB. In both these circuits RA is assigned
the label R6 and RB the label R5.
Values of resistor should be between 1k and 20k to
guarantee operation. Output voltage can be adjusted in
the range 2V to 12V for non-synchronous applications.
For synchronous applications, the minimum VOUT is set
by the VGS threshold required for the synchronous
MOSFET, as t he sw ing in t he gat e using t he
TM technique is approximately VOUT.

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