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ATMEGA603 Datasheet(PDF) 4 Page - ATMEL Corporation

Part No. ATMEGA603
Description  8-Bit Microcontroller with 64K/128K Bytes In-System Programmable Flash
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Manufacturer  ATMEL [ATMEL Corporation]
Direct Link  http://www.atmel.com
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ATMEGA603 Datasheet(HTML) 4 Page - ATMEL Corporation

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ATmega603(L) and ATmega103(L)
first access cycle, and the AD0-7 pins are used for data
during the second access cycle.
This is the supply voltage to the A/D Converter. It should be
externally connected to VCC via a low-pass filter. See
page 53 for details on operation of the ADC.
This is the analog reference input for the ADC converter.
For ADC operations, a voltage in the range AGND to AVCC
must be applied to this pin.
If the board has a separate analog ground plane, this pin
should be connected to this ground plane. Otherwise, con-
nect to GND.
This is a programming enable pin for the low-voltage serial
programming mode. By holding this pin low during a power-
on reset, the device will enter the serial programming
Crystal Oscillator
XTAL1 and XTAL2 are input and output, respectively, of an
inverting amplifier which can be configured for use as an
on-chip oscillator, as shown in Figure 2. Either a quartz
crystal or a ceramic resonator may be used. To drive the
device from an external clock source, XTAL2 should be left
unconnected while XTAL1 is driven as shown in Figure 3.
For the Timer Oscillator pins, OSC1 and OSC2, the crystal
is connected directly between the pins. No external capaci-
tors are needed. The oscillator is optimized for use with a
32,768Hz watch crystal. An external clock signal applied to
this pin goes through the same amplifier having a band-
width of 256kHz. The external clock signal should therefore
be in the interval 0Hz - 256kHz.
Figure 2. Oscillator Connections
Figure 3. External Clock Drive Configuration
ATmega603/103 Architectural Overview
The fast-access register file contains 32 x 8-bit general pur-
pose working registers with a single clock cycle access
time. This means that during one single clock cycle, one
ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) operation is executed. Two
operands are output from the register file, the operation is
executed, and the result is stored back in the register file -
in one clock cycle.
Six of the 32 registers can be used as three 16-bit indirect
address register pointers for Data Space addressing -
enabling efficient address calculations. One of the three
address pointers is also used as the address pointer for the
constant table look up function. These added function reg-
isters are the 16-bit X-register, Y-register and Z-register.
The ALU supports arithmetic and logic functions between
registers or between a constant and a register. Single reg-
ister operations are also executed in the ALU. Figure 4
shows the ATmega603/103 AVR Enhanced RISC micro-
controller architecture.
In addition to the register operation, the conventional mem-
ory addressing modes can be used on the register file as
well. This is enabled by the fact that the register file is
assigned the 32 lowermost Data Space addresses, allow-
ing them to be accessed as though they were ordinary
memory locations.
The I/O memory space contains 64 addresses for CPU
peripheral functions as Control Registers, Timer/Counters,
A/D-converters, and other I/O functions. The I/O Memory
can be accessed directly, or as the Data Space locations
following those of the register file, $20 - $5F.

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