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E32-D24 Datasheet(PDF) 64 Page - Omron Electronics LLC

Part No. E32-D24
Description  Fiber Sensors Best Selection Catalog
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Manufacturer  OMRON [Omron Electronics LLC]
Direct Link  http://www.omron.com/index3.html
Logo OMRON - Omron Electronics LLC

E32-D24 Datasheet(HTML) 64 Page - Omron Electronics LLC

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background image
E39-F11 Sleeve Bender
• The bending radius of the stainless steel tube should be as
large as possible. The smaller the bending radius becomes,
the shorter the sensing distance will be.
• Insert the tip of the stain-
less steel tube to the
Sleeve Bender and bend
the stainless steel tube
slowly along the curve of
the Sleeve Bender.
Heat-resistant Fiber Units
(E32-D51 and E32-T51)
• The fibers of these Units cannot be extended using the E39-
F10 Fiber Connector.
• The maximum allowable temperature for continuous opera-
tion with these Units is 130
°C. It is 150°C for short-term use.
E32-T14 and E32-G14
These Units may enter the light-ON
state if there are reflecting objects at
the ends of the lenses. In this case,
attach the black stickers provided to
the ends of the lenses.
Wafer Sensors (E32-L25(A))
• To ensure correct performance, insert the fiber with a white
line into the emitter-side port of the Amplifier Unit.
E32-T16 and E32-T16P
To use the slit provided, peel off the
backing sheet, align it with the edg-
es of the sensing surface, and at-
tach it to the sensing head. Use the
slit in applications where saturation
occurs (i.e., changes in light inten-
sity cannot be obtained) due to
short sensing distances.
Separate the 4 fibers by distances sufficient to prevent inter-
Vacuum-resistant Fiber Units (E32-V)
Although Flanges, Fiber Units on the vacuum side, and Lens
Units have been cleaned, as an extra precaution, clean these
products with alcohol before use in high-vacuum environ-
ments to ensure that they are properly degreased.
Liquid-level Detection Sensors (E32-D82F)
• Secure the Fiber Unit using the unbendable section. Other-
wise, the liquid-level detection position may be displaced.
• For applications in hazardous environments, install the Fi-
ber Unit in the hazardous environment but install the Ampli-
fier Unit in a safe environment.
Liquid-level Detection Sensors: Tube-mounting Models
• Ensure that the tube is not deformed when using a band to
secure the Fiber Unit.
• Drops of water, bubbles, or haze inside the tube may cause
There is a difference in sensing
object angle between E32-A07E1
and E32-A07E2. Select a model in
accordance with the bending
direction of a sensing object. Use
the fiber with a model display tube
as light emitting side.
● Adjustment
When a Digital Fiber Amplifier is used, the sensing distance is
short, making the incident light intensity large. This makes it
impossible to teach without a workpiece.
Liquid-level (E32-D82F) Detection Position
The liquid-level detection po-
sition is at a distance of
±2 mm from the end of the
fluororesin section.
(Refer to the diagram on the
The liquid-level detection po-
sition varies with the surface
tension of the liquid and the degree of wetness at the Fiber
Unit's detection position.
● Other Considerations
Liquid Level (E32-D82F)
• Operation may become unstable in the following cases:
A Bubbles stick to the cone of the sensing head.
B Solute is deposited on the cone of the sensing head.
C The liquid has a high viscosity.
• There are some liquids, such as milky white liquids, for
which detection is not possible.
• Do not let the end of the fluororesin section bump into an-
other object. Damage to, or deformation of, the sensing
head may result in unstable operation.
Heat-resistant Fiber Units (E32-D81R(-S), E32-D61(-S), and
The pitch of the emission-side and reception-side fiber-inser-
tion ports varies with the Amplifier Unit. Be sure to use an ap-
propriate Fiber Unit.
Chemical-resistant Fiber and Liquid Level (E32-D82F)
Fluororesin has high chemical resistance. However, applications in
the atmosphere of vaporized chemicals (gases) or steam may cause
malfunction or damage inside sensors. Run a full check before using
in such environments.
1.2 mm dia. max.
R12.5 mm
R7.5 mm
1.3 mm dia. min.
R10 mm
Fiber tip
steel tube
R5 mm
° max.
10 mm
10 mm
Do not bend here.
Slit provided
E32-T16's sensing head
Amplifier Unit
Fiber Unit
View from the cable drawing side
Sensing object
Liquid-level detection
±2 mm (from the end of the
fluororesin section)

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