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12101C474KAT2A Datasheet(PDF) 96 Page - AVX Corporation

Part # 12101C474KAT2A
Description  AVX Surface Mount Ceramic Capacitor Products
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Manufacturer  AVX [AVX Corporation]
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12101C474KAT2A Datasheet(HTML) 96 Page - AVX Corporation

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Surface Mounting Guide
MLC Chip Capacitors
The components should be stored in their “as received
packaging” where possible. If the components are removed
from their original packaging then they should be stored in
an airtight container (e.g. a heat sealed plastic bag) with
desiccant (e.g. silica gel). Storage area temperature should
be kept between +5 degrees C and +30 degrees C with
humidity < 70% RH. Storage atmosphere must be free of
gas containing sulfur and chlorine. Avoid exposing the
product to saline moisture or to temperature changes that
might result in the formation of condensation. To assure
good solderability performance we recommend that the
product be used within 6 months from our shipping date,
but can be used for up to 12 months. Chip capacitors may
crack if exposed to hydrogen (H2) gas while sealed or if
coated with silicon, which generates hydrogen gas.
Terminations to be well soldered after immersion in a 60/40
tin/lead solder bath at 235 ± 5°C for 2 ± 1 seconds.
Terminations will resist leaching for at least the immersion
times and conditions shown below.
Lead-Free Wave Soldering
The recommended peak temperature for lead-free wave
soldering is 250°C-260°C for 3-5 seconds. The other
parameters of the profile remains the same as above.
The following should be noted by customers changing from
lead based systems to the new lead free pastes.
a) The visual standards used for evaluation of solder joints
will need to be modified as lead free joints are not as
bright as with tin-lead pastes and the fillet may not be as
b) Lead-free solder pastes do not allow the same self
alignment as lead containing systems. Standard
mounting pads are acceptable, but machine set up may
need to be modified.
Surface mounting chip multilayer ceramic capacitors
are designed for soldering to printed circuit boards or other
substrates. The construction of the components is such that
they will withstand the time/temperature profiles used in both
wave and reflow soldering methods.
Chip multilayer ceramic capacitors should be handled with
care to avoid damage or contamination from perspiration
and skin oils. The use of tweezers or vacuum pick ups
is strongly recommended for individual components. Bulk
handling should ensure that abrasion and mechanical shock
are minimized. Taped and reeled components provides the
ideal medium for direct presentation to the placement
machine. Any mechanical shock should be minimized during
handling chip multilayer ceramic capacitors.
It is important to avoid the possibility of thermal shock during
soldering and carefully controlled preheat is therefore
required. The rate of preheat should not exceed 4°C/second
and a target figure 2°C/second is recommended. Although
an 80°C to 120°C temperature differential is preferred, recent
developments allow a temperature differential between the
component surface and the soldering temper-ature of 150°C
(Maximum) for capacitors of 1210 size and below with a
maximum thickness of 1.25mm. The user is cautioned that
the risk of thermal shock increases as chip size or
temperature differential increases.
Mildly activated rosin fluxes are preferred. The minimum
amount of solder to give a good joint should be used.
Excessive solder can lead to damage from the stresses
caused by the difference in coefficients of expansion
between solder, chip and substrate. AVX terminations are
suitable for all wave and reflow soldering systems. If hand
soldering cannot be avoided, the preferred technique is the
utilization of hot air soldering tools.
Natural cooling in air is preferred, as this minimizes stresses
within the soldered joint. When forced air cooling is used,
cooling rate should not exceed 4°C/second. Quenching
is not recommended but if used, maximum temperature
differentials should be observed according to the preheat
conditions above.
Flux residues may be hygroscopic or acidic and must be
removed. AVX MLC capacitors are acceptable for use with
all of the solvents described in the specifications MIL-STD-
202 and EIA-RS-198. Alcohol based solvents are acceptable
and properly controlled water cleaning systems are also
acceptable. Many other solvents have been proven successful,
and most solvents that are acceptable to other components
on circuit assemblies are equally acceptable for use with
ceramic capacitors.
Termination Type
Immersion Time
Tin/Lead/Silver Temp. °C
Nickel Barrier
260 ± 5
30 ± 1

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