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APR6016 Datasheet(PDF) 2 Page - Aplus Intergrated Circuits

Part No. APR6016
Description  Voice Recording & Playback Device 16 Minute Duration
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Manufacturer  APLUS [Aplus Intergrated Circuits]
Direct Link  http://www.aplusinc.com.tw
Logo APLUS - Aplus Intergrated Circuits

APR6016 Datasheet(HTML) 2 Page - Aplus Intergrated Circuits

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APR6016 Data Sheet
Page 2
Voice Recording & Playback Device
Revision 1.0
Functional Description
The EXTCLK pin allows the use of an external sampling
clock. This input can accept a wide range of frequencies
depending on the divider ratio programmed into the divider
that follows the clock. Alternatively, the programmable inter-
nal oscillator can be used to supply the sampling clock. The
Mux following both signals automatically selects the EXTCLK
signal if a clock is present, otherwise the internal oscillator
source is chosen. Detailed information on how to program the
divider and internal oscillator can be found in the explanation
of the PWRUP command, which appears in the OpCode
Command Description section. Guidance on how to choose
the appropriate sample clock frequency can be found in the
Sampling Rate & Voice Quality section.
The audio signal containing the content you wish to record
should be fed into the differential inputs ANAIN-, and
ANAIN+. After pre-amplification the signal is routed into the
anti-aliasing filter. The anti-aliasing filter automatically adapts
its response based on the sample rate being used. No exter-
nal anti-aliasing filter is therefore required.
After passing through the anti-alias filter, the signal is fed into
the sample and hold circuit which works in conjunction with
the Analog Write Circuit to store each analog sample in a
flash memory cell.
When a read operation is desired the Analog Read Circuit
extracts the analog data from the memory array and feeds
the signal to the Internal Low Pass Filter. The low pass filter
converts the individual samples into a continuous output. The
output signal then goes to the squelch control circuit and dif-
ferential output driver. The differential output driver feeds the
ANAOUT+ and ANAOUT- pins. Both differential output pins
swing around a 1.23V potential.
The squelch control circuit automatically reduces the output
signal by 6 dB during quiet passages. A copy of the squelch
control signal is present on the /SQLOUT pin to facilitate
reducing gain in the external amplifier as well. For more infor-
mation, refer to the Squelch section.
After passing through the squelch circuit the output signal
goes to the output amplifier. The output amplifier drives a sin-
gle ended output on the AUDOUT pin. The single ended out-
put swings around a 1.23V potential.
All SPI control and hand shaking signals are routed to the
Master Control Circuit. This circuit decodes all the SPI signals
and generates all the internal control signals. It also contains
the status register used for examining the current status of
the APR6016.
Figure 2
APR6016 Block Diagram
Low Pass
Column Decoder
Column Address
Single Analog
Memory Cell
3.84 Mcell Memory Array
Write Circuit
Low Pass
Read Circuit
Analog input/output
to Memory array
Programmable Internal

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