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A8351601L-40 Datasheet(PDF) 21 Page - AMIC Technology

Part No. A8351601L-40
Description  Bar Code Reader
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Manufacturer  AMICC [AMIC Technology]
Direct Link  http://www.amictechnology.com
Logo AMICC - AMIC Technology

A8351601L-40 Datasheet(HTML) 21 Page - AMIC Technology

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A8351601 Series
(July, 2002, Version 1.0)
AMIC Technology, Inc.
Oscillator Frequency
12 X [256-(TH1)]
Multiprocessor Communications
Modes 2 and 3 have a special provision for multiprocessor
communications. In these modes, nine data bits are
received, followed by a stop bit. The ninth bit goes into
RB8; then comes a stop bit. The port can be programmed
such that when the stop bit is received, the serial port
interrupt is activated only if RB8 = 1. This feature is
enabled by setting bit SM2 in SCON.
The following example shows how to use the serial
interrupt for multiprocessor communications. When the
master processor must transmit a block of data to one of
several slaves, it first sends out an address byte that
identifies the target slave. An address byte differs from a
data byte in that the ninth bit is 1 in an address byte and 0
in a data byte. With SM2 = 1, no slave is interrupted by a
data byte. An address byte, however, interrupts all slaves,
so that each slave can examine the received byte and see
if it is being addressed. The addressed slave clears its
SM2 bit and prepares to receive the data bytes that
follows. The slaves that are not addressed set their SM2
bits and ignore the data bytes.
SM2 has no effect in Mode 0 but can be used to check the
validity of the stop bit in Mode 1. In a Mode 1 reception, if
SM2 = 1, the receive interrupt is not activated unless a
valid stop bit is received.
Baud Rates
The baud rate in Mode 0 is fixed as shown in the following
Mode 0 Baud Rate =
The baud rate in Mode 2 depends on the value of the
SMOD bit in Special Function Register PCON. If SMOD= 0
(the value on reset), the baud rate is 1/64 of the oscillator
frequency. If SMOD = 1, the baud rate is 1/32 of the
oscillator frequency, as shown in the following equation.
Mode 2 Baud Rate =
X (Oscillator Frequency)
In the A8351601, the baud rates can be determined by
Timer 1, Timer 2, or both (one for transmit and the other for
Using the Timer 1 to Generate Baud Rates
When Timer 1 is the baud rate generator, the baud rates in
Modes 1 and 3 are determined by the Timer 1 overflow rate
and the value of SMOD according to the following
Mode 1,3 Baud Rate =
X (Timer 1 Overflow Rate)
The Timer 1 interrupt should be disabled in this application.
The Timer itself can be configured for either timer or
counter operation in any of its 3 running modes. In the
most typical applications, it is configured for timer
operation in auto-reload mode (high nibble of TMOD
=0010B). In this case, the baud rate is given by the
following formula.
Mode 1,3 Baud Rate =
Programmers can achieve very low baud rates with Timer
1 by leaving the Timer 1 interrupt enabled, configuring the
Timer to run as a 16-bit timer (high nibble of TMOD
=0001B), and using the Timer 1 interrupt to do a 16-bit
software reload.
Table 9 lists commonly used baud rates and how they can
be obtained from Timer 1.

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