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110G19 Datasheet(PDF) 9 Page - List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

Part # 110G19
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Manufacturer  ETC2 [List of Unclassifed Manufacturers]
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110G19 Datasheet(HTML) 9 Page - List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

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Q: Will the crimp tool I have for standard color-coded lugs, Mil Spec contacts, or another connector
manufacturer, work for crimping APP® contacts?
A: No. APP® contacts generally do not conform to standard crimp barrel dimensions used for lugs, Mil Spec contacts,
or other connector manufacturers. The tooling recommended by APP® must be used to ensure the performance
designed by APP® is achieved. Alternate tooling will void APP® warranties and can affect safety agency approvals. In
some instances Mil Spec tools are approved for crimping contacts with the dies and locators recommended by APP®.
See tooling charts for specific instances, or contact customer service for more information.
Q: Can metric sized wires be used with APP® contacts?
A: Yes. The majority of our crimp tooling recommendations are based on testing and verification we have performed
with AWG sized cables. Metric cables of the same or slightly smaller circular mils equivalent to the AWG wire recommended
can typically be successfully terminated in APP® contacts. There is a wire conversion chart at the end of this catalog
section that can be used as a reference when converting AWG to mm² sizes. The 1368 series crimp tooling has a
range taking capability that produces a reliable crimp with metric equivalents of AWG cables. Please contact customer
service for metric tooling recommendations for other APP® crimp tools.
Q: Are APP® connectors suitable for use in applications where the voltage exceeds 600V AC/DC?
A: Possibly. See “Use of APP® Connectors in Applications Exceeding 600V”, contact customer service with further
Q: How do Powerpole® and Multipole connectors stay securely mated without latches?
A: The proven flat wiping technology used in these connectors features a detent or bump in the contact surface along
with powerful stainless steel springs that hold the connectors in the mated position. High mating force contacts have
a detent that is raised higher than low mating force contacts. The higher the detent, the more force is required to mate
and unmate the contacts. In many applications the detent and spring force is enough to securely hold the connectors
in the mated position without the need for latches. Latching shells, clips, or other external devices can be used to
secure flat wiping connectors in applications where shock, vibration, or cable strain may overcome the inherent force
holding the connectors together.
Q: How does APP®’s genderless connector design work to make a mated pair.
A: Genderless Powerpole® and Multipole housings do not have a male(pin) and female(socket) side. For wire-to-wire
applications the exact same housings and contacts are used on both sides of the mated pair. If your application calls
for wire-to-PCB or wire-to-busbar connections then different contacts and possibly housings will be required on each
half (similar to male and female connectors).
To make a mated pair of Powerpole® or Multipole connectors simply assemble the connectors closely following the
assembly instructions. After each connector half is fully assembled take one half and flip it over. The two halves will
mate together. Multi-row Powerpole® assemblies will need to be stacked in mirror images of each other to properly
mate the correct circuits. This information is detailed at the beginning of the Powerpole® section.

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