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110G19 Datasheet(PDF) 12 Page - List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

Part # 110G19
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110G19 Datasheet(HTML) 12 Page - List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

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All Data Subject To Change Without Notice
Amp / Ampere: Measurement increment of electric current. Abbreviated
as “I”.
Applicator: A semi-automatic termination machine consisting of an
upper and lower half that is used to crimp contacts onto wire. Used in
conjunction with an electrical/ mechanical press.
AWG: American Wire Gauge. A standard system for designating wire
Blindmate: To join two connector halves in a normal engaging mode
without visual orientation.
Busbar: Three dimensional constructions enabling electrical distribution
of current in power electronic modules. Typically constructed of cop-
per, busbars are most frequently used in power dense applications
where the busbar offers a cost or space savings over wire.
Color Coding: Asystem of identification for terminals and related devices.
Contact Resistance: The electrical resistance of metallic surfaces
at their interface in the contact area under specified conditions when
carrying a specified test current.
Contact Retention: Minimum axial load in either direction which a
contact must withstand while remaining firmly fixed in its normal position
within a housing.
Crimp Retention: The axial load which a contact can withstand without
separation from the wire.
Crimp Termination: A connection in which a metal sleeve is secured
to a conductor by mechanically deforming the sleeve with presses or
automated crimping machines, eliminating the need for solder. Not
suitable for solid (non-stranded wires).
CSA: Canadian Standards Association, a safety standard writing and
testing organization.
Cycle Controlled: To determine if repetitive on/off conditions result
in degrading the contact system which may lead to failures such as
“thermal run away”.
Detent: A bump or raised section projecting from the surface of a contact
for keeping the contact in position relative to another and released by
greater force.
Dielectric Strength (Withstanding Voltage): The highest potential
difference (voltage) that an insulation material of given thickness can
withstand for a specified time without occurrence of electrical breakdown
through its bulk.
Finger Proof: A connector intended for usage external to the end
equipment shall have live parts protected against exposure to contact
by persons when assembled, installed, and mated as intended, as
determined by UL Articulated probe.
Flammability: The measure of a material’s ability to support combustion.
Often tested per UL94.
Flat Wiping: The sliding action which occurs when contacts are mated.
Wiping has the effect of removing small amounts of contamination from
the contact surfaces, thus establishing better conductivity.
Genderless: See “Hermaphroditic”
Heat Rise: Temperature rise associated with the electrical load applied
to a mated connection.
Hermaphroditic (Genderless) Connector: A connector in which both
mating members are exactly alike at their mating face. There are no
male or female members, but designs provide correct polarity.
Hot Plug / Hot Swap: Live connector insertion / extractions.
IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission, a standard writing
Insulation Resistance: Ratio of applied voltage to the total current
between the two electrodes in contact with a specific insulation.
IP: Ingress Protection, a standard per IEC 60529 for measurement of
ingress for solids and liquids into an enclosure.
Locator / Positioner: Device for positioning contacts into crimping dies.
Make-First / Break-Last (Premate): Sequencing of contact(s) so
that they engage prior to the main power contacts. Typically used
for ground / positive earth / neutral positons as a protective measure
against excess currents, short-circuits, and ground faults.
Make-Last / Break-First (Postmate): Sequencing of contact(s) so that
they engage after the main power contacts. Typically used for signal or
auxiliary power positions to ensure communications are not started or
power circuits switched on until the power contacts are fully engaged.
Mating Force: Force required to join two connector halves in a normal
engaging mode.
Modular: Refers to similar parts or modules used as building blocks. A
modular connector is one in which similar or identical sections can be
assembled together to provide the appropriate connector type or size
for the application.
Ohms: Measurement increment of resistance.
Operating Temperature Range: Connector temperature rating
established by materials used, plastic, finish, and the base metal.
Applying an electrical load will result in a temperature rise that is
additive to the operating ambient.
PCB: Acronym for Printed Circuit Board
Polarization: A technique of eliminating symmetry so that parts may
only be mated one way.

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