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Part # 110G19
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110G19 Datasheet(HTML) 100 Page - List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

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All Data Subject To Change Without Notice
| Press and Applicator Tools |
Anderson Power Products®, in partnership with Application Tooling Solutions, has engineered a line of application tooling for
APP®’s reeled contacts. All applicators have been designed to meet or exceed UL requirements. See connector family tooling
charts at the end of each section for the specific press, air feed kit, and applicator recommended for crimping each contact.
• Designed Specifically For APP® Contacts
Provides crimps that meet or exceed UL requirements
• World-Wide On-Site Service
Provided through ATS’s extensive field service network
• Mini-Style Applicators Can Be Adapted To Most Existing Presses
AMP, K & T presses, Kenco presses, and most other manufacturers
• Contact ATS Directly to Purchase or Lease Tooling
P.O. Box 6780, Harrisburg, PA 17112 USA
T:877-671-2955 F:717-810-2862
| Crimping Technical Reference |
Crimping, Soldering, and Assembly Best Practices. Instructions for proper assembly are available for each connector
and should be followed. These best practices are for reference only.
Stripping Wire Insulation
Problems with cable harness and connector systems often begin with improper or accidental cutting of wire strands when stripping
wire insulation. Each strand is important, and all of them must be included in the contact barrel to avoid unnecessary hot spots
during later operation. When removing insulation, position a sharp blade at a right angle and apply a steady controlled pressure
cutting only the cable insulation and not the copper wire strands. Wires should be stripped to the lengths specified in the specific
connector assembly instruction.
Cleaning Copper Wire
Copper oxide, a non-conductive material accumulates on copper wires exposed to oxygen and moisture. Aged and badly
tarnished copper wire needs to be thoroughly cleaned to realize the rated performance of the connector and wire. Heavy
oxidation can be scraped off with a stiff wire brush that penetrates the entire bundle and cleans every strand. For light
surface oxidation a 3M Scotch Bright™ pad is recommended. The wires are ready for insertion into the contact barrel
when they are burnished to their original bright copper finish. Contact barrels are lined with silver or tin plating to assure
consistently high conductivity which will be reduced if the barrel is crimped around aged or tarnished wire.
APP® connectors are designed to achieve the highest levels of durability, reliability, and performance as shown on the connector
data sheets. Crimp tooling is a critical link between the designed performance of an APP® connector and the realization of that
performance by our customers.
As part of the connector design and testing process, APP® recommends a limited number of crimp solutions that have proven to
deliver the intended connector performance in a process that is repeatable. Only these solutions tested by APP® are listed in the
conditions of acceptability from safety agencies such as UL, CSA, and TUV.
Use of tooling solutions not tested by APP® can affect not only performance but also safety agency approvals. Problems attributable
to use of tools not recommended by APP® include:
Electrical and Thermal
• High electrical resistance
• Failure to realize designed current and voltage carrying capability
• Overheating
• Melting of connector housings
• Contacts not able to fit inside connector housings.
• Contacts not seated properly in connector housings causing: shorts, intermittent circuits, abnormally high or low mating and
unmating force, & low retention force of the contact in the housing

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