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ADSP-BF533SBB500 Datasheet(PDF) 16 Page - Analog Devices

Part No. ADSP-BF533SBB500
Description  Blackfin Embedded Processor
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Manufacturer  AD [Analog Devices]
Direct Link  http://www.analog.com
Logo AD - Analog Devices

ADSP-BF533SBB500 Datasheet(HTML) 16 Page - Analog Devices

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Rev. I
Page 16 of 64
August 2013
Board Support Packages for Evaluation Hardware
Software support for the EZ-KIT Lite evaluation boards and EZ-
Extender daughter cards is provided by software add-ins called
Board Support Packages (BSPs). The BSPs contain the required
drivers, pertinent release notes, and select example code for the
given evaluation hardware. A download link for a specific BSP is
located on the web page for the associated EZ-KIT or EZ-
Extender product. The link is found in the Product Download
area of the product web page.
Middleware Packages
Analog Devices separately offers middleware add-ins such as
real time operating systems, file systems, USB stacks, and TCP/
IP stacks. For more information see the following web pages:
• www.analog.com/ucos3
• www.analog.com/ucfs
• www.analog.com/ucusbd
• www.analog.com/lwip
Algorithmic Modules
To speed development, Analog Devices offers add-ins that per-
form popular audio and video processing algorithms. These are
available for use with both CrossCore Embedded Studio and
VisualDSP++. For more information visit www.analog.com and
search on “Blackfin software modules” or “SHARC software
Designing an Emulator-Compatible DSP Board (Target)
For embedded system test and debug, Analog Devices provides
a family of emulators. On each JTAG DSP, Analog Devices sup-
plies an IEEE 1149.1 JTAG Test Access Port (TAP). In-circuit
emulation is facilitated by use of this JTAG interface. The emu-
lator accesses the processor’s internal features via the
processor’s TAP, allowing the developer to load code, set break-
points, and view variables, memory, and registers. The
processor must be halted to send data and commands, but once
an operation is completed by the emulator, the DSP system is set
to run at full speed with no impact on system timing. The emu-
lators require the target board to include a header that supports
connection of the DSP’s JTAG port to the emulator.
For details on target board design issues including mechanical
layout, single processor connections, signal buffering, signal ter-
mination, and emulator pod logic, see the Engineer-to-Engineer
Note “Analog Devices JTAG Emulation Technical Reference”
(EE-68) on the Analog Devices website (www.analog.com)—use
site search on “EE-68.” This document is updated regularly to
keep pace with improvements to emulator support.
The following publications that describe the ADSP-BF531/
ADSP-BF532/ADSP-BF533 processors (and related processors)
can be ordered from any Analog Devices sales office or accessed
electronically on our website:
• Getting Started With Blackfin Processors
• ADSP-BF533 Blackfin Processor Hardware Reference
• Blackfin Processor Programming Reference
• ADSP-BF531/ADSP-BF532/ADSP-BF533 Blackfin
Processor Anomaly List
A signal chain is a series of signal-conditioning electronic com-
ponents that receive input (data acquired from sampling either
real-time phenomena or from stored data) in tandem, with the
output of one portion of the chain supplying input to the next.
Signal chains are often used in signal processing applications to
gather and process data or to apply system controls based on
analysis of real-time phenomena. For more information about
this term and related topics, see the "signal chain" entry in
Wikipedia or the Glossary of EE Terms on the Analog Devices
Analog Devices eases signal processing system development by
providing signal processing components that are designed to
work together well. A tool for viewing relationships between
specific applications and related components is available on the
www.analog.com website.
The Application Signal Chains page in the Circuits from the
TM site (http://www.analog.com/circuits) provides:
• Graphical circuit block diagram presentation of signal
chains for a variety of circuit types and applications
• Drill down links for components in each chain to selection
guides and application information
• Reference designs applying best practice design techniques

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