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LM2903N Datasheet(PDF) 3 Page - Texas Instruments

Part No. LM2903N
Description  LM193/LM293/LM393/LM2903 Low Power Low Offset Voltage Dual Comparators
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Manufacturer  TI1 [Texas Instruments]
Direct Link  http://www.ti.com
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LM2903N Datasheet(HTML) 3 Page - Texas Instruments

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LM193-N, LM2903-N, LM293-N, LM393-N
Absolute Maximum Ratings
(1) (2)
Supply Voltage, V+
Differential Input Voltage (3)
Input Voltage
−0.3V to +36V
Input Current (VIN<−0.3V)
50 mA
Power Dissipation (5)
780 mW
660 mW
SOIC Package
510 mW
DSBGA Package
Output Short-Circuit to Ground (6)
Operating Temperature Range
0°C to +70°C
−25°C to +85°C
−55°C to +125°C
−40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature Range
−65°C to +150°C
Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 seconds)
Soldering Information
CDIP, PDIP Package Soldering (10 seconds)
SOIC Package
Vapor Phase (60 seconds)
Infrared (15 seconds)
See AN-450 “Surface Mounting Methods and Their Effect on Product Reliability” for other methods of soldering surface mount devices.
ESD rating (1.5 k
Ω in series with 100 pF)
Refer to RETS193AX for LM193AH military specifications and to RETS193X for LM193H military specifications.
If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the TI Sales Office/Distributors for availability and specifications.
Positive excursions of input voltage may exceed the power supply level. As long as the other voltage remains within the common-mode
range, the comparator will provide a proper output state. The low input voltage state must not be less than
−0.3V (or 0.3V below the
magnitude of the negative power supply, if used).
This input current will only exist when the voltage at any of the input leads is driven negative. It is due to the collector-base junction of
the input PNP transistors becoming forward biased and thereby acting as input diode clamps. In addition to this diode action, there is
also lateral NPN parasitic transistor action on the IC chip. This transistor action can cause the output voltages of the comparators to go
to the V+ voltage level (or to ground for a large overdrive) for the time duration that an input is driven negative. This is not destructive
and normal output states will re-establish when the input voltage, which was negative, again returns to a value greater than
For operating at high temperatures, the LM393 and LM2903 must be derated based on a 125°C maximum junction temperature and a
thermal resistance of 170°C/W which applies for the device soldered in a printed circuit board, operating in a still air ambient. The
LM193/LM193A/LM293 must be derated based on a 150°C maximum junction temperature. The low bias dissipation and the “ON-OFF”
characteristic of the outputs keeps the chip dissipation very small (PD≤100 mW), provided the output transistors are allowed to saturate.
Short circuits from the output to V+ can cause excessive heating and eventual destruction. When considering short circuits to ground,
the maximum output current is approximately 20 mA independent of the magnitude of V+.
Copyright © 1999–2013, Texas Instruments Incorporated
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