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UCC2895-W Datasheet(PDF) 11 Page - Texas Instruments

Part No. UCC2895-W
Description  BiCMOS Advanced Phase-Shift PWM Controller
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Maker  TI1 [Texas Instruments]
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UCC2895-W Datasheet(HTML) 11 Page - Texas Instruments

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3 V
UCC1895, UCC2895, UCC3895
DELAB and DELCD source about 1 mA maximum. Choose the delay resistors so that this maximum is not
exceeded. Programmable output delay is defeated by tying DELAB and, or, DELCD to REF. For an optimum
performance keep stray capacitance on these pins at less than 10 pF.
EAOUT, EAP, and EAN (Error Amplifier)
EAOUT connects internally to the non-inverting input of the PWM comparator and the no-load comparator.
EAOUT is internally clamped to the soft-start voltage. The no-load comparator shuts down the output stages
when EAOUT falls below 500 mV, and allows the outputs to turn on again when EAOUT rises above 600 mV.
EAP is the non-inverting and the EAN is the inverting input to the error amplifier.
OUTA, OUTB, OUTC, and OUTD (Output MOSFET Drivers)
The four outputs are 100-mA complementary MOS drivers, and are optimized to drive MOSFET driver circuits.
OUTA and OUTB are fully complementary, (assuming no programming delay) and operate near 50% duty cycle
and one-half the oscillator frequency. OUTA and OUTB are intended to drive one half-bridge circuit in an external
power stage. OUTC and OUTD drive the other half-bridge and have the same characteristics as OUTA and
OUTB. OUTC is phase shifted with respect to OUTA, and OUTD is phase shifted with respect to OUTB.
Changing the phase relationship of OUTC and OUTD with respect to OUTA and OUTB
requires other than the nominal 50% duty ratio on OUTC and OUTD during those
PGND (Power Ground)
To keep output switching noise from critical analog circuits, the UCC3895 has two different ground connections.
PGND is the ground connection for the high-current output stages. Both GND and PGND must be electrically tied
together. Also, because PGND carries high current, board traces must be low impedance.
RAMP (Inverting Input of the PWM Comparator)
This pin receives either the CT waveform in voltage and average current-mode controls, or the current signal
(plus slope compensation) in peak current-mode control.
REF (Voltage Reference)
The 5-V ± 1.2% reference supplies power to internal circuitry, and also supplies up to 5 mA to external loads.
The reference is shutdown during undervoltage lockout but is operational during all other disable modes. For
best performance, bypass with a 0.1-
μF low-ESR low-ESL capacitor to GND. To ensure the stability of the
internal reference, do not use more than 1.0
μF of total capacitance on this pin for the UCC1895.
For the UCC2895 and the UCC3895, this capacitance increases as per the limits defined in the
RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONS table of this specification.
RT (Oscillator Timing Resistor)
The oscillator in the UCC3895 operates by charging an external timing capacitor, CT, with a fixed current
programmed by RT. RT current is calculated with Equation 4.
RT ranges from 40 to 120 kΩ. Soft-start charging and discharging currents are also programmed by IRT (Refer to
Figure 3).
GND (Analog Ground)
This pin is the chip ground for all internal circuits except the output stages.
Copyright © 1999–2013, Texas Instruments Incorporated
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