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Z16F2810FI20EG Datasheet(PDF) 1 Page - Zilog, Inc.

Part No. Z16F2810FI20EG
Description  Z16F Series Flash Microcontroller A 16-bit Single-Cycle CISC MCU Solution
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Maker  ZILOG [Zilog, Inc.]
Homepage  http://www.zilog.com
Logo ZILOG - Zilog, Inc.

Z16F2810FI20EG Datasheet(HTML) 1 Page - Zilog, Inc.

  Z16F2810FI20EG Datasheet HTML 1Page - Zilog, Inc. Z16F2810FI20EG Datasheet HTML 2Page - Zilog, Inc. Z16F2810FI20EG Datasheet HTML 3Page - Zilog, Inc. Z16F2810FI20EG Datasheet HTML 4Page - Zilog, Inc. Z16F2810FI20EG Datasheet HTML 5Page - Zilog, Inc. Z16F2810FI20EG Datasheet HTML 6Page - Zilog, Inc. Z16F2810FI20EG Datasheet HTML 7Page - Zilog, Inc. Z16F2810FI20EG Datasheet HTML 8Page - Zilog, Inc.  
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ZNEO® Z16F Series Flash Microcontroller
A 16-bit Single-Cycle CISC MCU Solution
From the company that brought you the revolutionary Z80® comes the future of 16-bit processing - the ZNEO
Z16F Series Flash Microcontroller. Zilog’s ZNEO Z16F is a powerful 16-bit CISC microcontroller that outper-
forms most RISC microcontrollers in its class. The ZNEO Z16F boasts a unique architecture that provides the
power, punch, and performance of a 32-bit, with the code, current efficiency, and cost of a 16-bit. The ZNEO
Z16F CPU boasts a highly optimized instruction set that achieves higher performance per clock cycle, with
less code space and lower overhead than competing architectures.
This powerful, yet simple core with sixteen 32-bit general-purpose registers supports complex CISC address-
ing modes and a single-cycle instruction set that includes frame pointer support, multi-bit shift, and multi-reg-
ister push/pop, as well as performance enhancing instructions such as Link and Unlink for lowering overhead.
Powerful signed and unsigned math operations include 32x32 multiply and 64/32 divide operations.
A rich array of intelligent peripherals and analog features make this microcontroller suitable for a large number
of applications, including security panels, industrial controls and motor control, including AC Induction and
Brushless DC motors.
ZNEO Z16F Key Feature Summary
• 16-bit optimized Single-Cycle CISC core
• 128 KB of in-circuit programmable Flash memory
• Highly integrated Digital/Analog peripherals
- Operational Amplifier
- Analog Comparator
- Internal Precision Oscillator
- 4-Channel DMA Controller
- 12-bit PWM module
• Flexible communication interfaces, including two 9-bit UARTs with LIN & IrDA, I2C, ESPI
• 12-Channel, 10-bit ADC with a time tag that supports simultaneous conversions
The ZNEO advaNTagE
16-bit single-cycle cisc core
8-, 16-, 32-bit alu operations
128 kb of flash memory
16 mb of external memory
rich peripheral set
target applications
universal motor control
systems monitoring
security panels
security keypad/displays
industrial controls
16-BiT EmBEddEd Flash sOluTiONs
ZNEO® Z16F series Flash mCu
high-pErFOrmaNCE 16-BiT Flash sOluTiON
• Register-to-register-based architecture
• 20 MIPS throughput at 20 MHz
• 8-, 16-, and 32-bit ALU operations
• 16-bit internal and external bus widths
• Built-in 32 x 32 multiply operations
(signed and unsigned)
• Built-in 64 by 32 divide (unsigned)
• Compiler friendly instruction set
ZNEO Z16F Block Diagram
ZNEO CPU Core Features
Up to
128 KB
10-Bit ADC
Up to 4 KB
Three 16-bit
20 MHz
CPU Core
PWM Module
DMA Controller
ESPI, I2C, and 2 UARTs with IrDA & LIN
Up to 76 General-Purpose I/O Pins
External Interface
Watchdog Timer
w/RC Oscillator
& Reset Control

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