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TSW-102-07-L-D Datasheet(PDF) 7 Page - Texas Instruments

Part # TSW-102-07-L-D
Description  TLV320AIC3104EVM and TLV320AIC3104EVM-PDK
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Manufacturer  TI1 [Texas Instruments]
Direct Link  http://www.ti.com
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TSW-102-07-L-D Datasheet(HTML) 7 Page - Texas Instruments

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Stand-Alone Operation
USB-MODEVM Operation
TLV320AIC3104EVM-PDK Setup and Installation
Software Installation
TLV320AIC3104EVM-PDK Setup and Installation
When used as a stand-alone EVM, power is applied to J15 directly, making sure to reference the supplies
to the appropriate grounds on that connector.
Verify that all power supplies are within the safe operating limits shown on the
TLV320AIC3104 data sheet before applying power to the EVM.
J15 provides connection to the common power bus for the TLV320AIC3104EVM. Power is supplied on the
pins listed in Table A-4.
The TLV320AIC3104EVM-PDK motherboard (the USB-MODEVM Interface board) supplies power to J15
of the TLV320AIC3104EVM. Power for the motherboard is supplied either through its USB connection or
via terminal blocks on that board.
The USB-MODEVM Interface board can be powered from several different sources:
• 6-Vdc to 10-Vdc AC/DC external wall supply (not included)
• Lab power supply
When powered from the USB connection, JMP6 should have a shunt from pins 1–2 (this is the default
factory configuration). When powered from 6-V to 10-Vdc, either through the J8 terminal block or J9 barrel
jack, JMP6 should have a shunt installed on pins 2–3. If power is applied in any of these ways, onboard
regulators generate the required supply voltages and no further power supplies are necessary.
If laboratory supplies are used to provide the individual voltages required by the USB-MODEVM Interface,
JMP6 should have no shunt installed. Voltages are then applied to J2 (+5 VA), J3 (+5 VD), J4 (+1.8 VD),
and J5 (+3.3 VD). The +1.8 VD and +3.3 VD can also be generated on the board by the onboard
regulators from the +5VD supply; to enable this configuration, the switches on SW1 need to be set to
enable the regulators by placing them in the ON position (lower position, looking at the board with text
reading right-side up). If +1.8 VD and +3.3 VD are supplied externally, disable the onboard regulators by
placing SW1 switches in the OFF position.
Each power supply voltage has an LED (D1-D7) that lights when the power supplies are active.
The following section provides information on using the TLV320AIC3104EVM-PDK, including set up,
program installation, and program usage.
If using the EVM in stand-alone mode, the software should be installed per below, but the
hardware configuration may be different.
1. Locate installation file on the CD-ROM included with the EVMs or download the latest version of the
software located on the AIC3104 Product Page. If downloading the software from the TI Web site, an
option is available to allow the user to be notified when the software is updated.
2. Unzip the installation file by clicking on the self-extracting zip file.
3. Install the EVM software by double-clicking the Setup executable and follow the directions. The user
may be prompted to restart their computer.
This should install all the TLV320AIC310x software and required drivers onto their PC.
SLAU218 – August 2007
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