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STK4181V Datasheet(PDF) 6 Page - Sanyo Semicon Device

Part No. STK4181V
Description  AF Power Amplifier (Split Power Supply) (45W 45W min, THD = 0.08%)
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Maker  SANYO [Sanyo Semicon Device]
Homepage  https://www.sanyo-av.com/us/
Logo SANYO - Sanyo Semicon Device

STK4181V Datasheet(HTML) 6 Page - Sanyo Semicon Device

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No. 2137—6/8
C3, C4
Input filter capacitors
• A filter formed with R5 or R6 can be used to reduce noise at high frequencies.
C5, C6
Input coupling capacitors
• Used to block DC current. When the reactance of the capacitor increases at low frequencies, the dependence of 1/f noise on signal source
resistance causes the output noise to worsen. It is better to decrease the reactance.
• To reduce the pop noise at the time of application of power, it is effective to increase C5, C6 that fix the time constant on the input side and
to decrease C9, C10 on the NF side.
C9, C10
NF capacitors
• These capacitors fix the low cutoff frequency as shown below.
To provide the desired voltage gain at low frequencies, it is better to increase C9. However, do not increase C9 more than needed because
the pop noise level becomes higher at the time of application of power.
Decoupling capacitor
• Used to eliminate the ripple components that mix into the input side from the power line (+VCC).
C15, C16
Bootstrap capacitors
• When the capacitor value is decreased, the distortion is liable to be higher at low frequencies.
C17, C18
Oscillation blocking capacitors
• Must be inserted as close to the IC power supply pins as possible so that the power supply impedance is decreased to operate the IC stably.
• Electrolytic capacitors are recommended for C17, C18.
Capacitor for ripple filter
• Capacitor for the TR12-used ripple filter in the IC system
Oscillation blocking capacitor
• A polyester film capacitor, being excellent in temperature characteristic, frequency characteristic, is recommended for C13.
R5, R6
Resistors for input filter
R3, R4
Input bias resistors
• Used to bias the input pin potential to zero. These resistors fix the input impedance practically.
R7, R9
(R8, R10)
These resistors fix voltage gain VG.
It is recommended to use R7 (R8) = 560
Ω, R9 (R10) = 56kΩ for VG = 40dB.
• To adjust VG, it is desirable to change R7 (or R8).
• When R7 (or R8) is changed to adjust VG, R3 (=R4) =R9 (=R10) must be set to ensure VN balance.
R11, R20
(R12, R21)
Bootstrap resistors
• The quiescent current is set by these resistors 3.3k
Ω + 3.3kΩ. It is recommended to use this resistor value.
Resistor for ripple filter
• (Limiting resistor for predriver TR at the time of load short)
Used to ensure plus/minus balance at the time of clip.
R18, R19
Resistor for ripple filter
• When muting TR13 is turned ON, current flows from ground to -VCC through TR 13. It is recommended to use 1kΩ (1W) + 1kΩ (1W)
allowing for the power that may be dissipated on that occasion.
R24, R25
Oscillation blocking resistors
R22, R23
Oscillation blocking resistors
L1, L2
Oscillation blocking coils
π C9 R7

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