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ATA6628 Datasheet(PDF) 6 Page - ATMEL Corporation

Part No. ATA6628
Description  Negative Trigger Input for Watchdog
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Manufacturer  ATMEL [ATMEL Corporation]
Direct Link  http://www.atmel.com
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ATA6628 Datasheet(HTML) 6 Page - ATMEL Corporation

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ATA6628/ATA6630 [Preliminary]
TM Input Pin
The TM pin is used for final production measurements at Atmel
®. In normal application, it has to
be always connected to GND.
KL_15 Pin
The KL_15 pin is a high-voltage input used to wake up the device from Sleep or Silent Mode. It
is an edge-sensitive pin (low-to-high transition). It is usually connected to ignition to generate a
local wake-up in the application when the ignition is switched on. Although KL_15 pin is at high
voltage (V
Batt), it is possible to switch the IC into Sleep or Silent Mode. Connect the KL_15 pin
directly to GND if you do not need it. A debounce timer with a typical Tdb
Kl_15 of 160 µs is
The input voltage threshold can be adjusted by varying the external resistor due to the input
current I
KL_15. To protect this pin against voltage transients, a serial resistor of 47 kΩ and a
ceramic capacitor of 100 nF are recommended. With this RC combination you can increase the
wake-up time Tw
KL_15 and, therefore, the sensitivity against transients on the ignition KL_15.
You can also increase the wake-up time using external capacitors with higher values.
INH Output Pin
The INH Output pin is used to switch an external voltage regulator on during Normal and
Fail-safe Mode. The INH Output is a high-side switch, which is switched-off in Sleep and Silent
Mode. It is possible to switch off the external 1 k
Ω master resistor via the INH pin for master
node applications.
Reset Output Pin (NRES)
The Reset Output pin, an open drain output, switches to low during VCC undervoltage or a
watchdog failure.
WD_OSC Output Pin
The WD_OSC Output pin provides a typical voltage of 1.2V, which supplies an external resistor
with values between 34 k
Ω and 120 kΩ to adjust the watchdog oscillator time.
If the watchdog is disabled, this voltage is switched off and you can either tie to GND or leave
this pin open.
NTRIG Input Pin
The NTRIG Input pin is the trigger input for the window watchdog. A pull-up resistor is imple-
mented. A negative edge triggers the watchdog. The trigger signal (low) must exceed a
minimum time t
trigmin to generate a watchdog trigger.
Wake-up Events from Sleep or Silent Mode
• WAKE pin
•EN pin
• KL_15

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