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BA5814FM Datasheet(PDF) 4 Page - Rohm

Part # BA5814FM
Description  Power Driver For Compact Disc Players
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Manufacturer  ROHM [Rohm]
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BA5814FM Datasheet(HTML) 4 Page - Rohm

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Setting the voltage on the Mute terminal to open or 0.5V or less will activate a mute function for the
output current.
Under conditions of normal use, the Mute terminal should be pulled-up to 1.5V or above.
(The pin 3 will mute CH3 while the pin 4 will mute CH1, 4, 5.)
On the Bias terminal (pin 2), the applied voltage of 0.7V (Typ.) or less will activate a mute function.
Under conditions of normal use, it should be set to 1.1V or above.
When the power supply voltage drops to 3.7V (Typ.) or less, the internal circuit will turn OFF and, when
recovering to 3.9V (Typ.) or above, the internal circuit will startup.
Thermal shutdown (TSD), a low power supply voltage, or a low bias terminal voltage will activate the
mute functions on all drivers.
While muting, the output voltage of the BTL driver equals to the internal bias voltage (VCC/2).
Because an internal resistance of the driver input part is generated at the rate of +1200ppm/
°C (Typ.),
using an external input resistance to control the gain will result in a change of the gain value
corresponding to the temperature.
The regulator output voltage: VREGO will be the value including the RE_I terminal threshold voltage:
VREITH and a variation of the external resistance.
Affected by the RE_I terminal input bias current:: IBOP, VREGO is described as the following, where
the high-precision external resistance must be selected after careful consideration of IBOP.
(As for R1 and R2, refer to the application circuit diagram.)
The capacitor installed between the regulator output and GND also serves as an anti-oscillation
capacitor and therefore, it must show high performance in the temperature characteristics.
The power supply and GND terminals of the regulator (pin 1 and 24) also serve as the power supply
and GND of the internal constant current source and therefore, they must be connected to the external
power supply and GND even when the regulator is not in use.
Even though a radiating fin is connected to the GND inside of the package, it must be connected to the
external GND.
(10) Basically, applying a voltage below the IC sub-potential to any terminals must be avoided.
Due to a counter electromotive force of the load, if the output on each driver has dropped to the IC
sub-potential (GND) or less, an operation margin must be considered and examined.
(11) Short-circuit between output-power supply, output-GND, or output terminals
Short-circuits between output pin-VCC, output pin-GND, or output terminals (load short) must be
Make sure that the ICs are installed on the board in proper directions.
Mounting the ICs in improper directions may damage them or produce smoke.
(12) About absolute maximum ratings
Exceeding the absolute maximum ratings, such as the applied voltage or the operating temperature
range, may cause permanent device damage.
As these cases cannot be limited to the broken short
mode or the open mode, if a special mode where the absolute maximum ratings may be exceeded is
assumed, it is recommended to take mechanical safety measures such as attaching fuses.
(13) About power supply lines
As a measure against the back current regenerated by a counter electromotive force of the motor, a
capacitor to be used as a regenerated-current path can be installed between the power supply and
GND and its capacitance value should be determined after careful check that any problems, for
example, a leak capacitance of the electrolytic capacitor at low temperature, are not found in various
(14) About GND potential
The electric potential of the GND terminal must be kept lowest in the circuitry at any operation states.
(15) About thermal design
With consideration of the power dissipation (Pd) under conditions of actual use, a thermal design
provided with an enough margin should be done.
(16) About operations in a strong electric field
When used in a strong electric field, note that a malfunction may occur.
(17) ASO
When using this IC, the output Tr must be set not to exceed the values specified in the absolute
maximum ratings and ASO.

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