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XC6223C121PR-G Datasheet(PDF) 9 Page - Torex Semiconductor

Part No. XC6223C121PR-G
Description  Built-in Inrush Current Protection, 300mA High Speed LDO Voltage Regulator
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Maker  TOREX [Torex Semiconductor]
Homepage  http://www.torex.co.jp
Logo TOREX - Torex Semiconductor

XC6223C121PR-G Datasheet(HTML) 9 Page - Torex Semiconductor

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<Low ESR Capacitor>
The XC6223 series needs an output capacitor CL for phase compensation. In order to ensure the stable phase
compensation, please place an output capacitor of 1.0μF or bigger at the VOUT pin and VSS pin as close as possible. For
a stable power input, please connect an input capacitor (CIN) of 1.0μF between the VIN pin and the VSS pin.
<Current Limiter, Short-Circuit Protection>
The protection circuit operates as a combination of an output current limiter and fold-back short circuit protection. When
load current reaches the current limit level, the output voltage drops. As a result, the load current starts to reduce with
showing fold-back curve. The output current finally falls at the level of 50mA when the output pin is short-circuited.
<CE Pin>
The IC's internal circuitry can be shutdown via the signal from the CE pin. In shutdown mode, the XC6223B/D/F/H series
enables the electric charge at the output capacitor (CL) to be discharged via the internal auto-discharge switch, and as a
result the VOUT pin quickly returns to the VSS level. When the CE pin is open, the output voltage becomes undefined state in
the XC6223A/B/E/F series because of a high active and no pull-down. On the other hand, the XC6223C/D/G/H series has a
pull-down resistor at the CE pin inside, so that the CE pin input current flows.
<Thermal Shutdown>
The over heat protection circuit is built-in with the XC6223 series. When the junction temperature of the IC reaches the
temperature limit level (150℃ TYP.), the thermal shutdown circuit operates and the driver transistor will be turned off.
The IC resumes its operation when the thermal shutdown function is released as a result of the junction temperature drops
to the release point.
<Inrush Current Protection>
The inrush current protection circuit is built in the XC6223 series.
When the IC starts to operate, the protection circuit limits the inrush current from VIN to VOUT to charge CL capacitor. This
function is built in the XC6223E/F/G/H series.
The voltage divided by resistors R1 & R2 is compared with the
internal reference voltage by the error amplifier. The
MOSFET which is connected to the VOUT pin is then driven by the
subsequent output signal. The output voltage at the VOUT pin is
controlled and stabilized by a system of negative feedback. The
current limit circuit and short circuit protection operate in relation to
the level of output current and heat dissipation. Further, the IC’s
internal circuitry can be shutdown via the CE pin signal.

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