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XM20C64 Datasheet(PDF) 2 Page - Xicor Inc.

Part # XM20C64
Description  High Speed AUTOSTORE??NOVRAM
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Manufacturer  XICOR [Xicor Inc.]
Direct Link  http://www.xicor.com
Logo XICOR - Xicor Inc.

XM20C64 Datasheet(HTML) 2 Page - Xicor Inc.

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Addresses (A0-A12)
The address inputs select an 8-bit memory location
during read and write operations.
Chip Enable (
The chip enable input must be LOW to enable all read,
write and user requested nonvolatile operations.
Output Enable (
During normal RAM operations
OE controls the data
output buffers. If a hardware nonvolatile operation is
selected (
NE = CE = LOW) and OE strobes LOW, a
recall operation will be initiated.
OE LOW will always disable a STORE operation regard-
less of the state of
NE, WE, and CE so long as the
internal transfer has not commenced.
Write Enable (
During normal RAM operations
WE = CE = LOW will
cause data to be written to the RAM address pointed to
by the A0-A12 inputs.
Nonvolatile Enable (
The nonvolatile input controls the transfer of data from
the E2PROM array to the RAM array, when strobed
LOW in conjunction with
CE = OE = LOW.
Data In/Data Out (I/O0-I/O7)
Data is written to or read from the X20C64 through the
I/O pins. The I/O pins are placed in the high impedance
state when either
CE or OE is HIGH or when NE is LOW.
AS is an open-drain output. When it is asserted (driving
LOW) it indicates VCC has fallen below the AUTOSTORE
threshold and an internal store operation has been
initiated. Because
AS is an open drain output it may be
wire-ORed with multiple open drain outputs and used as
an interrupt input to a microprocessor.
NOVRAM operations are identical to those of a standard
SRAM. When
OE and CE are asserted data is presented
at the I/Os from the address location pointed to by the
A0–A12 inputs.
RAM write operations are initiated and the address input
is latched by the HIGH to LOW transition of
CE or WE,
whichever occurs last. Data is latched on the rising edge
of either
CE or WE, whichever occurs first.
An array recall, E2PROM data transferred to RAM, is
initiated whenever
OE = NE = CE = LOW. A recall is also
performed automatically upon power-up.
Command Sequence Operations
The X20C64 employs a version of the industry standard
Software Data Protection (SDP). The end user can
select various options for transferring data from RAM
into the E2PROM array.
All command sequences are comprised of three specific
data/address write operations performed with
A Store operation can be directly selected by issuing a
Store command. The user may also enable and disable
the AUTOSTORE function through the software data
protection sequence. Refer to Table 1 below for a
complete description of the command sequence.
Operational Notes
The X20C64 should be viewed as a subsystem when
writing software for the various store operations. The
module contains four discrete components each need-
ing to be set to the required state individually. The two
high order address bits (A11 and A12) select only one of
the four components.

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