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LT3754 Datasheet(PDF) 8 Page - Linear Technology

Part No. LT3754
Description  16-Channel × 50mA LED Driver
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Manufacturer  LINER [Linear Technology]
Direct Link  http://www.linear.com
Logo LINER - Linear Technology

LT3754 Datasheet(HTML) 8 Page - Linear Technology

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LEDx (Pin 1-8,17-24): 16 LED Driver Outputs. Each output
contains an open collector constant current sink. LED
currents are programmable from 10mA to 50mA using
a single resistor at the ISET pin. Channel matching is
±2% with an absolute current accuracy of ±3%. Connect
the cathode of each LED string to an LED pin. Connect
the anode of each LED string to VOUT. Channels can be
paralleled for greater LED current or individually disabled
(connect LED to VOUT).
SENSE (Pin 9): The Current Sense Input for the Control
Loop. Connect this pin to the sense resistor in the source
of the external power MOSFET.
GATE (Pin 10): Drives the gate of an N-channel MOSFET
from 0V to INTVCC.
INTVCC (Pin 11): A 7V LDO supply generated from VIN and
used to power the GATE driver and some control circuitry.
Must be bypassed with a 4.7μF capacitor to GND.
VIN (Pin 12): Input Supply Pin. Must be locally bypassed
with a 1μF capacitor to ground.
SHDN/UVLO(Pin13): TheSHDN/UVLOpinhasanaccurate
lockout (UVLO) threshold for system input supply using
a resistor divider from supply to ground. A 2.4μA pin
current hysteresis allows programming of UVLO hysteresis.
SHDN/UVLO above 1.476V turns the part on and removes
a 2.4μA sink current from the pin. SHDN/UVLO < 0.7V
reduces VIN current < 20μA. If the shutdown function is not
required, it should be forced above 1.476V or connected
directly to VIN.
FAULT (Pin 14): Active low if any or all LED strings have
an open fault or if any/all LED pins have been shorted to
VOUT. If fault(s) removed, FAULT flag returns high. Fault
status is only updated during PWM high state and latched
during PWM low.
SYNC (Pin 15): Allows synchronization of boost converter
switching frequency to an external clock. RT resistor should
be programmed for fOSC 20% below SYNC frequency. If
unused, connect to GND.
VOUT (Pin16): Boosted Output Voltage of the Converter.
Connect a capacitor from this pin to ground. Connect the
anode of each LED (string) to VOUT.
RT (Pin 25): A resistor to ground programs switching
frequency fOSC between 0.1MHz and 1MHz.
VC (Pin 26): Output of Both Transconductance Error
Amplifiers for the Converter Regulation Loop. The most
commonly used gm error amplifier (LED) regulates VOUT
to ensure no LED pin falls below 1V. The other gm error
amplifier (OVP) is activated if all LEDs fail open and a
regulated maximum VOUT is required. Connect a resistor
and capacitor in series from the VC pin to ground.
PWM (Pin 27): Input Pin for PWM Dimming Control. Above
1.4V allows converter switching and below 0.7V disables
switching. The PWM signal can be driven from 0V to 6V.
If unused, connect to VREF.
OVPSET (Pin 28): Programs maximum allowed VOUT
regulation level if all LEDs are open circuit.
CTRL (Pin 29): CTRL pin voltage below 1V controls
maximum LED current. CTRL voltage can be set by a
resistor divider from VIN,VREForanexternalvoltagesource.
LED current derating versus temperature is achievable
if the voltage programmed at the CTRL pin has a negative
temperature coefficient using an external resistor divider
from VREF pin with temperature dependent resistance.
TSET (Pin 30): Programs LT3754 junction temperature
breakpoint past which LED current will begin to derate.
VREF (Pin 31): 1.485V Reference Output Pin. This pin
can supply up to 150μA. Can be used to program CTRL,
TSET and OVPSET pin voltages using resistor dividers to
See Table 6 in the Applications Information Section.
Exposed Pad (Pin 33): GND. The ground for the IC and
the converter. The package has an exposed pad (Pin 33)
underneath the IC which is the best path for heat out of the
package. Pin 33 should be soldered to a continuous copper
ground plane under the device to reduce die temperature
and increase the power capability of the LT3754.

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