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STM703 Datasheet(PDF) 10 Page - STMicroelectronics

Part No. STM703
Description  5V Supervisor with Battery Switchover
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Maker  STMICROELECTRONICS [STMicroelectronics]
Homepage  http://www.st.com

STM703 Datasheet(HTML) 10 Page - STMicroelectronics

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Back-up Battery Switchover
In the event of a power failure, it may be necessary
to preserve the contents of external SRAM
through VOUT. With a backup battery installed with
voltage VBAT, the devices automatically switch the
SRAM to the back-up supply when VCC falls.
Note: If back-up battery is not used, connect both
This family of Supervisors does not always con-
nect VBAT to VOUT when VBAT is greater than VCC.
VBAT connects to VOUT (through a 100Ω switch)
when VCC is below VRST and VBAT. This is done to
allow the back-up battery (e.g., a 3.6V lithium cell)
to have a higher voltage than VCC.
Assuming VBAT > 2.0V, switchover at VSO ensures
that battery back-up mode is entered before VOUT
gets too close to the 2.0V minimum required to re-
liably retain data in most external SRAMs. When
VCC recovers, hysteresis is used to avoid oscilla-
tion around the VSO point. VOUT is connected to
VCC through a 3Ω PMOS power switch.
Note: The back-up battery may be removed while
VCC is valid, assuming VBAT is adequately decou-
pled (0.1µF typ), without danger of triggering a re-
Table 4. I/O Status in Battery Back-up
Chip-Enable Gating (STM818 only)
Internal gating of the chip enable (E) signal pre-
vents erroneous data from corrupting the external
CMOS RAM in the event of an undervoltage con-
dition. The STM818 uses a series transmission
gate from E to ECON (see Figure 12., page 11).
During normal operation (reset not asserted), the
E transmission gate is enabled and passes all E
transitions. When reset is asserted, this path be-
comes disabled, preventing erroneous data from
corrupting the CMOS RAM. The short E propaga-
tion delay from E to ECON enables the STM818 to
be used with most µPs. If E is low when reset as-
serts, ECON remains low for typically 15µs to per-
mit the current WRITE cycle to complete. Connect
E to VSS if unused.
Chip Enable Input (STM818 only)
The chip-enable transmission gate is disabled and
E is high impedance (disabled mode) while reset
is asserted. During a power-down sequence when
VCC passes the reset threshold, the chip-enable
transmission gate disables and E immediately be-
comes high impedance if the voltage at E is high.
If E is low when reset asserts, the chip-enable
transmission gate will disable 15µs after reset as-
serts (see Figure 13., page 11). This permits the
current WRITE cycle to complete during power-
Any time a reset is generated, the chip-enable
transmission gate remains disabled and E remains
high impedance (regardless of E activity) for the
reset time-out period. When the chip enable trans-
mission gate is enabled, the impedance of E ap-
pears as a 40
Ω resistor in series with the load at
ECON. The propagation delay through the chip-en-
able transmission gate depends on VCC, the
source impedance of the drive connected to E,
and the loading on ECON. The chip enable propa-
gation delay is production tested from the 50%
point on E to the 50% point on ECON using a 50Ω
driver and a 50pF load capacitance (see Figure
40., page 28). For minimum propagation delay,
minimize the capacitive load at ECON and use a
low-output impedance driver.
Chip Enable Output (STM818 only)
When the chip-enable transmission gate is en-
abled, the impedance of ECON is equivalent to a
Ω resistor in series with the source driving E. In
the disabled mode, the transmission gate is off
and an active pull-up connects ECON to VOUT (see
Figure 12., page 11). This pull-up turns off when
the transmission gate is enabled.
Connected to VBAT through internal switch
Disconnected from VOUT
Logic low
High impedance
Logic high
Watchdog timer is disabled
Logic low
Logic low
Logic high
Connected to VOUT

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