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M50LPW012 Datasheet(PDF) 5 Page - STMicroelectronics

Part No. M50LPW012
Description  2 Mbit 256Kb x8, Boot Block 3V Supply Low Pin Count Flash Memory
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Maker  STMICROELECTRONICS [STMicroelectronics]
Homepage  http://www.st.com

M50LPW012 Datasheet(HTML) 5 Page - STMicroelectronics

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VLKO. This prevents Bus Write operations from
accidentally damaging the data during power up,
power down and power surges. If the Program/
Erase Controller is programming or erasing during
this time then the operation aborts and the
memory contents being altered will be invalid.
After VCC becomes valid the Command Interface
is reset to Read mode.
A 0.1µF capacitor should be connected between
the VCC Supply Voltage pins and the VSS Ground
pin to decouple the current surges from the power
supply. Both VCC Supply Voltage pins must be
connected to the power supply. The PCB track
widths must be sufficient to carry the currents
required during program and erase operations.
VPP Optional Supply Voltage. The VPP Optional
Supply Voltage pin is used to select the Fast
Program (see the Quadruple Byte Program
Command description) and Fast Erase options of
the memory. VPP can be left floating. When VPP =
VPPH Fast Program (if a Quadruple Byte Program
operations are used.
VPP should not be set to VPPH for more than 80
hours during the life of the memory.
VSS Ground. VSS is the reference for all the volt-
age measurements.
be changed until the operation completes or un-
predictable results may occur. Care should be tak-
en to avoid unpredictable behavior by changing
WP during Program or Erase Suspend.
Reserved for Future Use (RFU). These pins do
not have assigned functions in this revision of the
part. They may be left disconnected or driven Low,
VIL, or High, VIH.
Address/Address Multiplexed (A/A Mux)
Signal Descriptions
For the Address/Address Multiplexed (A/A Mux)
Interface see Figure 2, Logic Diagram, and Table
4, Signal Names.
Address Inputs (A0-A10). The Address Inputs
are used to set the Row Address bits (A0-A10) and
the Column Address bits (A11-A17). They are
latched during any bus operation by the Row/Col-
umn Address Select input, RC.
Data Inputs/Outputs (DQ0-DQ7). The Data In-
puts/Outputs hold the data that is written to or read
from the memory. They output the data stored at
the selected address during a Bus Read opera-
tion. During Bus Write operations they represent
the commands sent to the Command Interface of
the internal state machine. The Data Inputs/Out-
puts, DQ0-DQ7, are latched during a Bus Write
Output Enable (G). The Output Enable, G, con-
trols the Bus Read operation of the memory.
Write Enable (W). The Write Enable, W, controls
the Bus Write operation of the memory’s Com-
mand Interface.
Row/Column Address Select (RC). The
Column Address Select input selects whether the
Address Inputs should be latched into the Row
Address bits (A0-A10) or the Column Address bits
(A11-A17). The Row Address bits are latched on
the falling edge of RC whereas the Column
Address bits are latched on the rising edge.
Ready/Busy Output (RB). The Ready/Busy pin
gives the status of the memory’s Program/Erase
Controller. When Ready/Busy is Low, VOL, the
memory is busy with a Program or Erase operation
and it will not accept any additional Program or
Suspend command. When Ready/Busy is High,
VOH, the memory is ready for any Read, Program
or Erase operation.
Supply Signal Descriptions
The Supply Signals are the same for both interfac-
VCC Supply Voltage. The VCC Supply Voltage
supplies the power for all operations (Read, Pro-
gram, Erase etc.).
The Command Interface is disabled when the VCC
Supply Voltage is less than the Lockout Voltage,
Table 4. Signal Names (A/A Mux Interface)
Interface Configuration
Address Inputs
Data Inputs/Outputs
Output Enable
Write Enable
Row/Column Address Select
Ready/Busy Output
Interface Reset
Supply Voltage
Optional Supply Voltage for Fast
Program and Fast Erase
Not Connected Internally

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