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L6374 Datasheet(PDF) 5 Page - STMicroelectronics

Part No. L6374
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Maker  STMICROELECTRONICS [STMicroelectronics]
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L6374 Datasheet(HTML) 5 Page - STMicroelectronics

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If the chip temperature exceeds Th (measured in
a central position in the chip) the chip deactivates
The following actions are taken:
- all the output stages are forced in the ”three
state” condition, i.e. are disconnected from
the output pins; only the clamping diodes at
the outputs remain active;
- the signal Diag is activated (active low).
Normal operation is resumed as soon as (typically
after some seconds) the chip temperature moni-
tored goes back below Th -HT.
The different upper and lower thresholds with
hysteretic behavior, assure that no intermittent
conditions can be generated.
The supply voltage is expected to range from 11V
to 35V, even if its reference value is considered to
be 24V.
In this range the L6374 operates correctly.
Below 10.8V the overall system has to be consid-
ered not reliable.
Consequently the supply voltage is monitored
continuously and a signal, called UV, is internally
generated and used.
The signal is ”on” as long as the supply voltage
does not reach the upper internal threshold of the
Vs comparator (called Vsh). The UV signal disap-
pears above Vsh.
Once the UV signal has been removed, the sup-
ply voltage must decrease below the lower
threshold (i.e. below Vsh -Hys1) before it is turned
on again.
The hysteresis Hys1 is provided to prevent inter-
mittent operation of the device at low supply volt-
ages that may have a superimposed ripple
around the average value.
The UV signal inhibits the outputs, putting them in
three-state, but has no effect on the creation of
the reference voltages for the internal compara-
tors, nor on the continuous operation of the
charge-pump circuits.
The situations that are monitored and signalled
with the Diag output pin are:
- current limit (OVC) in action; there are 8 indi-
vidual current limiting circuits, two per each
output, i.e. one per every output transistor;
they limit the current that can be either sour-
ced or sunk from each output, to a typical
value of 150mA, equal for all of them;
- undervoltage protection (UV);
- overtemperature protection (OVP);
The diagnostic signal is transmitted via an open
drain output (for ease of wired-or connection of
several such signals) and a low level represents
the presence of at least one of the monitored con-
ditions, mentioned above.
The current limiting circuits can be requested to
perform even in absence of a real fault condition,
for a short period, if the load is of capacitive na-
ture or if it is a filament lamp (that exhibits a very
low resistance during the initial heating phase).
To avoid the forwarding of misleading, short diag-
nostic pulses in coincidence with the intervention
of the current limiting circuits when operating on
capacitive loads, a delay of about 5
µs is inserted
on the signal path, between the ”OR” of the cur-
rent limit signals and its use as external diagnostic.
It takes about 1
µs to charge (or discharge) by
24V a capacitor of 5nF with a current of 120mA .
To implement longer delays (from the intervention
of one of the current limiting circuits to the activa-
tion of the diagnostic) an external capacitor can
be connected between pin C3 and ground (pin C3
is otherwise left open).
The delay shall then be determined by the ratio of
about 10 pF/
µs, using the value of the capaci-
tance connected to the pin.
The input stage of each channel is a high im-
pedence comparator with
(200mV) for high noise immunity. Each compara-
tor has one input connected to all the others and
tied to a common pin Ref (Pin 11). If this pin is left
floating an internal precise band gap voltage ref-
erence (1.25V) is applied, otherwise these inputs
can be externally programmed by connecting an
external voltage source (from 0 to 5V) and the
current on this pin is internally limited to
The other input pin of each comparator can swing
from -7 to 35V.
For this reason it has been implemented the
structure shown in Figure 2 and the device can
also be used as line receiver.
When the input voltage is negative, the current is
internally limited by a 15k
Ω resistor as shown in
Figure 2. High and low input thresholds can be
obtained by adding and subtracting half of the
hysteresis to the voltage of pin Ref (see Figure 3).
Figure 2: Equivalent input circuit

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