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SL15100 Datasheet(PDF) 3 Page - SpectraLinear Inc

Part No. SL15100
Description  Prigrammable Spread Spectrum Clock Generator (SSCG)
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Maker  SPECTRALINEAR [SpectraLinear Inc]
Homepage  http://www.spectralinear.com

SL15100 Datasheet(HTML) 3 Page - SpectraLinear Inc

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Rev 1.8, August 10, 2007
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General Description
The primary source of EMI from digital circuits is the
system clock and all the other synchronous clocks and
control signals derived from the system clock. The well
know techniques of filtering (suppression) and shielding
(containment), while effective, can cost money, board
space and longer development time.
A more effective and efficient technique to reduce EMI is
Spread Spectrum Clock Generator (SSCG) technique.
Instead of using constant clock frequency, the SSCG
technique modulates (spreads) the system clock with a
much smaller frequency, to reduce EMI emissions at its
source: The System Clock.
proprietary programmable EProClock™ phase-locked
loop (PLL) and Spread Spectrum Technologies (SST) to
synthesize and modulate (spread) the system clock such
that the energy is spread out over a wider bandwidth.
This reduces the peak value of the radiated emissions at
the fundamental and the harmonics. This reduction in
radiated energy can significantly reduce the cost of
complying with regulatory agency requirements and
improve time-to-market without degrading system perfor-
The SL15100 operates with both 3.3V and 2.5V power
supply voltages. Refer to SL15L100 for 1.8V power
supply operation.
The SL15100 is available in 8-pin TSSOP package with
Extended Commercial Temperature range of 0 to +85 C
and Industrial Temperature range of –40 to +85°C.
Input Frequency Range
The input frequency range is from 8.0 to 48.0 MHz for
crystals and ceramic resonators. If an external clock is
used, the input frequency range is from 8 to 166 MHz.
Output Frequency Range and Outputs
The two (2) outputs can be programmed as SSCLK or
REFCLK. SSCLK output can be synthesized to any
value from 3 to 200 MHz with spread based on valid
input frequency. The spread at SSCLK pins can be
stopped by SSON# input control pin, If SSON# pin is
HIGH (VDD), the frequency at this pin is the synthesized
nominal value of the input frequency and there is no
REFOUT is the buffered output of the oscillator and is
the same frequency as the input frequency without
spread. However, REFOUT value can also be divided by
using the output dividers from 2 to 32. The second
generate a copy of SSCLK1 (fanout of 2) or the same
SSCLK frequency can be divided from 2 to 32. In this
case, the spread % value is the same as the original
programmed spread % value. By using only first order
crystals, SL15100 can synthesize output frequency up to
200 MHz, eliminating the need for higher order Crystals
(Xtals) and Crystal Oscillators (XOs). This reduces the
performance and reliability.
Programmable CL (Crystal Load)
The SL15100 provides programmable on-chip capacitors
at XIN/CLKIN (Pin-3) and XOUT (Pin-2). The resolution of
this programmable capacitor is 6-bits with LSB value of
0.5pF. When all bits are off the pin capacitance is
CXIN=CXOUT =8.5pF (minimum value). When all bits are
on the pin capacitance is CXIN=CXOUT=40pF (maximum
value). The values of CXIN and CXOUT based on the CL
(Crystal Load Capacitor) can be calculated as:
CXIN=CXOUT=2CL-CPCB. Refer to the Page-13 for
additional information on crystal load (CL).
In addition, if an external clock is used, the capacitance at
Pin-3 (CLKIN) can programmed to control the edge rate of
this input clock, providing additional EMI control.
Programmable Modulation Frequency
The Spread Spectrum Clock (SSC) modulation default
value is 31.5 kHz. The higher value of up to120 kHz can
also be programmed. Less than 30 kHz modulation
frequency is not recommended to stay out of the range
audio frequency bandwidth since this frequency could be
detected as a noise by the audio receivers within the
Programmable Spread Percent (%)
The spread percent (%) value is programmable from +/-
0.25% to +/-2.5% (center spread) or -0.5% to -5.0% (down
spread) for all SSCLK frequencies. It is possible to
program smaller or larger non-standard values of spread
percent. Contact SLI if these non-standard spread percent
values are required in the application.
SSON# or Frequency Select (FS)
The SL15100 Pin-8 can be programmed as either SSON#
to enable or disable the programmed spread percent
value or as Frequency Select (FS). If SSON# is used,
when this pin is pulled high (VDD), the spread is stopped
and the frequency is the nominal value without spread. If
low (GND), the frequency is the nominal value with the
If FS function is used, the output pins can be programmed
for different set of frequencies as selected by FS. SSCLK
value can be any frequency from 3 to 200MHz, but the
spread % is the same percent value. REFOUT is the
same frequency as the input reference clock or divide by
from 2 to 32 without spread. The set of frequencies in
Table 1 is given as en example, using 48MHz crystal.
The SL15100 also allows a fan-out of 2, meaning that Pins
6 and 7 can be programmed to the same frequencies with
or without spread such that F1=F2 and F3=F4.
F1= 66MHz, +/-1%
F2= 48MHz
F3 =125MHz,+/-3%
F4= 24MHz
Table 1. Frequency Selection (FS)
Power Down (PD#) or Output Enable (OE)
The SL15100 Pin-4 can be programmed as either PD# or
OE. PD# powers down the entire chip whereas OE only
disables the output buffers to Hi-Z.

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