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ATH30T05 Datasheet(PDF) 2 Page - Astec America, Inc

Part No. ATH30T05
Description  30-A, 5-V Input Non-Isolated Wide-Output Adjust Power Modules
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Maker  ASTEC [Astec America, Inc]
Homepage  http://www.astecinc.com/

ATH30T05 Datasheet(HTML) 2 Page - Astec America, Inc

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North America (USA): 1-888-41-ASTEC
Europe (UK): 44(1384)842-211
Asia (HK): 852-2437-9662
Pin Descriptions
The positive input voltage power node to the mod-
ule, which is referenced to common GND.
The regulated positive power output with respect
to the GND node.
This is the common ground connection for the
Vin and Vout power connections. It is also the 0 VDC
reference for the control inputs.
The Inhibit pin is an open-collector/drain negative
logic input that is referenced to GND. Applying a low-
level ground signal to this input disables the module’s
output and turns off the output voltage. When the Inhibit
control is active, the input current drawn by the regula-
tor is significantly reduced. If the Inhibit pin is left
open-circuit, the module will produce an output when-
ever a valid input source is applied.
Vo Adjust:
A 0.1 W 1 % resistor must be directly connected
between this pin and pin 7 (GND) to set the output voltage
to a value higher than 0.8 V. The temperature stability of
the resistor should be 100 ppm/°C (or better). The set
point range for the output voltage is from 0.8 V to 3.6 V.
The resistor value required for a given output voltage
may be calculated from the following formula. If left
open circuit, the output voltage will default to its lowest
value. For further information on output voltage adjust-
ment consult the related application note.
= 10 k ·
0.8 V
– 2.49 k
Vout – 0.8 V
The specification table gives the preferred resistor values
for a number of standard output voltages.
Vo Sense:
The sense input allows the regulation circuit to
compensate for voltage drop between the module and
the load. For optimal voltage accuracy Vo Sense should
be connected to Vout. It can also be left disconnected.
This is an analog control input that enables the
output voltage to follow an external voltage. This pin
becomes active typically 20 ms after the input voltage
has been applied, and allows direct control of the output
voltage from 0 V up to the nominal set-point voltage.
Within this range the output will follow the voltage at
the Track pin on a volt-for-volt basis. When the control
voltage is raised above this range, the module regulates
at its set-point voltage. The feature allows the output
voltage to rise simultaneously with other modules pow-
ered from the same input bus. If unused, this input should
be connected to Vin. Note: Due to the under-voltage lockout
feature, the output of the module cannot follow its own input
voltage during power up. For more information, consult the
related application note.
Margin Down:
When this input is asserted to GND, the
output voltage is decreased by 5% from the nominal. The
input requires an open-collector (open-drain) interface.
It is not TTL compatible. A lower percent change can
be accomodated with a series resistor. For further infor-
mation, consult the related application note.
Margin Up:
When this input is asserted to GND, the
output voltage is increased by 5%. The input requires an
open-collector (open-drain) interface. It is not TTL
compatible. The percent change can be reduced with a
series resistor. For further information, consult the
related application note.
30-A, 5-V Input Non-Isolated
Wide-Output Adjust Power Modules
ATH30T05 Series —5-V Input
REVISION 00 (30APR2004)
Ordering Information
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
Output Current
Model Number
4.5V to 5.5V
0.8V1 to 3.6V
Through-hole Termination, Tray Packaging
SMT Termination, Tray Packaging
1Preset output voltage is 0.8V; externally adjustable to 3.6V through the Vo,Adjust pin

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