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EH-3535A850-D120 Datasheet(PDF) 9 Page - EHAOAN.

Part # EH-3535A850-D120
Description  High radiation intensity
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Manufacturer  EHAOAN [EHAOAN.]
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EH-3535A850-D120 Datasheet(HTML) 9 Page - EHAOAN.

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EHAOAN Electronics Co., Ltd.
静电防护 Electrostatic protection
个工序(生产,测试,包装等)与 LED 直接接触的员工都要做好防止和消除静电的措施。
所有相关的设备和机器都应该正确接地。接地交流电阻小于 1.0 欧姆,工作台上需垫表面电阻
106-109 欧姆的桌垫。
Static and surge will change product property, such as lower forward voltage and damage products.
Therefore, the workers in direct contact with LED in production processes must take some treatment to prevent
and eliminate static electricity.
All related equipment and machine should be grounded correctly. Grounded AC resistance should less
than 1.0Ω and the working table need to be applied the mat with surface resistance 106-109Ω.
It must to fix ion fan for the environment that easy to generate static electricity and also on the equipment.
During operation, workers need to use anti-static wrist strap, anti-static mat, anti-static clothing, anti-static shoes,
anti-static gloves, anti-static container and etc.
其他事项 Others
LED 产品的树脂封装部分相当脆弱,请勿用坚硬,尖锐的物体刮擦封装树脂部分。用镊子夹取 LED
时也要十分小心。请勿直接用手去直接拿去 LED 产品。直接用手去拿取 LED 产品不但会污染 LED 封装树
脂表面,也可能由于静电等因素导致 LED 产品性能的改变。请勿对 LED 产品施加过度压力,特别当 LED
处于高温状态小(例如在回流焊焊接过程中),过度的压力可能直接影响封装内部的芯片及金线。LED 工
作环境及 LED 适配的材料中硫元素及化合物成分不可超过 100PPM。不可将模组材料堆积在一起,它可
能会损坏内部电路。不可用在 PH<7 的酸性场所。The resin package part of LED product is quite fragile. Thus,
not to scrap this part by used hard or sharp objects. Please not to take LED products directly by hand. Otherwise,
it will not only contaminate LED package resin surface, but also may change LED performance due to static
electricity or other factors. Do not apply excessive pressure on LED products when LED is in a state of high
temperature, such as during re-flow soldering. Excessive pressure may impact the inner chip and gold thread
directly. In LED working environment and compound composition of the LED, the sulfur element not be more
than 100PPM. Do not pile up the module material and it may damage inner circuit. Do not apply on acid sites that
High Power(1. W)

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