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BK3266TS28 Datasheet(PDF) 12 Page - Beken Corporation

Part # BK3266TS28
Description  Bluetooth Audio SoC
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Manufacturer  BEKEN [Beken Corporation]
Direct Link  http://www.bekencorp.com/en
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BK3266TS28 Datasheet(HTML) 12 Page - Beken Corporation

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Low Power Bluetooth Audio SoC
v 0.5
© 2017 Beken Corporation
Proprietary and Confidential
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Functional Description
The BK3266 is a single-chip Bluetooth SoC offering advanced audio processing
and low power consumption by utilizing dedicated hardware blocks such as a five
band equalizer and a hardware accelerator to increase performance and offload
the MCU. It has Bluetooth version 4.2 EDR stack and application profiles and can
be used for both control and multimedia hybrid applications.
The BK3266 includes a rich set of analog and digital peripherals that allow users
to add features such as a microphone input, stereo line-in inputs, SDIO memory
card, and an FM radio to a Bluetooth application enhancing overall user
Modes of Operation
The general operation of the BK3266 is as follows. After system reset, the
BK3266 enters the low power standby mode waiting for external circuitry via the
GPIO interface to wake the device up. Once the device is awake, it will establish
a connection with other Bluetooth devices using the Inquire and Paging states.
After a connection is made the device can be placed into Active or Sniff mode
depending on the master Bluetooth device
Shutdown – In this mode all circuits are powered down except for the GPIO15
interface to allow external circuitry to wake-up the device. Software can enter
this mode by write special register and system can only be waked up by active
level applied on GPIO15.
Standby – In this mode all circuits are powered down except the GPIO interface
and a timer active to allow external circuitry and internal timer to wake-up the
device. This is the default low power state of the chip while it is waiting to be
used. There is no interaction with any Bluetooth devices in this state.
Active – During this mode, the BK3266 and the other connected Bluetooth device
are actively receiving and transmitting data on the channel. This data can be
high fidelity audio, voice, or control commands depending on the application.
Sniff – In this mode, the device remains active but listens and communicates at a
reduced rate. The device maintains connection with the master with its Active
Member Address (AM_ADDR) and goes to sleep and wakes up at assigned Sniff
Intervals to exchange packets with the master.
Test – The BK3266 provides a test mode to test the internal RAM memory BIST
and other blocks. The test mode is normally not used.
RF Transceiver
The BK3266 integrates a high-performance Bluetooth transceiver and frequency
synthesizer. The transceiver is fully differential and incorporates an integrated

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