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LH28F160BJE-TTL90 Datasheet(PDF) 5 Page - Sharp Electrionic Components

Part No. LH28F160BJE-TTL90
Description  16M (x8/x16) Flash Memory
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Maker  SHARP [Sharp Electrionic Components]
Homepage  http://sharp-world.com/

LH28F160BJE-TTL90 Datasheet(HTML) 5 Page - Sharp Electrionic Components

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Rev. 1.26
specifications. Section 1 provides a flash memory
overview. Sections 2, 3, 4 and 5 describe the memory
organization and functionality. Section 6 covers electrical
1.1 Features
Key enhancements of LH28F160BJE-TTL90 boot block
Flash memory are:
•Single low voltage operation
•Low power consumption
•Enhanced Suspend Capabilities
•Boot Block Architecture
Please note following:
CCWLK has been lowered to 1.0V to support 2.7V-
3.6V block erase, full chip erase, word/byte write and
lock-bit configuration operations. The VCCW voltage
transitions to GND is recommended for designs that
switch VCCW off during read operation.
1.2 Product Overview
The LH28F160BJE-TTL90 is a high-performance 16M-bit
Boot Block Flash memory organized as 1M-word of 16
bits or 2M-byte of 8 bits. The 1M-word/2M-byte of data is
arranged in two 4K-word/8K-byte boot blocks, six 4K-
word/8K-byte parameter blocks and thirty-one 32K-
word/64K-byte main blocks which are individually
erasable, lockable and unlockable in-system. The memory
map is shown in Figure 3.
The dedicated VCCW pin gives complete data protection
A Command User Interface (CUI) serves as the interface
between the system processor and internal operation of the
device. A valid command sequence written to the CUI
initiates device automation. An internal Write State
Machine (WSM) automatically executes the algorithms
and timings necessary for block erase, full chip erase,
word/byte write and lock-bit configuration operations.
A block erase operation erases one of the device’s 32K-
word/64K-byte blocks typically within 1.2s (3V VCC, 3V
VCCW), 4K-word/8K-byte blocks typically within 0.6s (3V
VCC, 3V VCCW) independent of other blocks. Each block
can be independently erased minimum 100,000 times.
Block erase suspend mode allows system software to
suspend block erase to read or write data from any other
increments of the device’s 32K-word blocks typically
within 33µs (3V VCC, 3V VCCW), 64K-byte blocks
typically within 31µs (3V VCC, 3V VCCW), 4K-word
blocks typically within 36µs (3V VCC, 3V VCCW), 8K-
byte blocks typically within 32µs (3V VCC, 3V VCCW).
Word/byte write suspend mode enables the system to read
data or execute code from any other flash memory array
Individual block locking uses a combination of bits, thirty-
nine block lock-bits, a permanent lock-bit and WP# pin, to
lock and unlock blocks. Block lock-bits gate block erase,
full chip erase and word/byte write operations, while the
permanent lock-bit gates block lock-bit modification and
operations (Set Block Lock-Bit, Set Permanent Lock-Bit
and Clear Block Lock-Bits commands) set and cleared
The status register indicates when the WSM’s block erase,
full chip erase, word/byte write or lock-bit configuration
operation is finished.
The RY/BY# output gives an additional indicator of WSM
activity by providing both a hardware signal of status
(versus software polling) and status masking (interrupt
masking for background block erase, for example). Status
polling using RY/BY# minimizes both CPU overhead and
system power consumption. When low, RY/BY# indicates
that the WSM is performing a block erase, full chip erase,
word/byte write or lock-bit configuration. RY/BY#-high Z
indicates that the WSM is ready for a new command,
block erase is suspended (and
word/byte write is
inactive), word/byte write is suspended, or the device is in
reset mode.

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