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RC56LD Datasheet(PDF) 1 Page - Conexant Systems, Inc

Part No. RC56LD
Description  Integrated V.90/K56flex/V.34/V.32bis Modem Device Sets for Low Power Applications
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Maker  CONEXANT [Conexant Systems, Inc]
Homepage  http://www.conexant.com

RC56LD Datasheet(HTML) 1 Page - Conexant Systems, Inc

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Integrated V.90/K56flex
/V.34/V.32bis Modem Device Sets
for Low Power Applications
The Conexant
™ RC56LD, RC336LD, and RC144LD
Modem Device Set supports data/fax, V.80 synchronous
access mode, world-class, voice/TAM/ telephony
extensions, speakerphone, AudioSpan, DSVD, and
cellular/GSM operation depending upon the model, ROM
size, and installed firmware (Table 1). The modem
supports the following primary data modulations: ITU-T
™ (RC56), V.34 (RC56 and RC336) and
The modem is designed to operate with dial-up telephone
lines in the U.S. and world-wide. PC Card interface
models also support analog cellular direct connect and
GSM direct connect. Parallel host interface models can
support either analog cellular direct connect and GSM
direct connect or telephony extensions. Serial DTE
interface models support telephony extensions.
Low profile, small PQFP/TQFP packages and low voltage
operation with low power consumption make this device
set ideal for laptop, notebook, and palmtop applications
using parallel host or serial DTE interface with the MCU or
using PC Card interface with the MCUP.
The device set consists of an 8-bit microcomputer (MCU)
or MCU with built-in PC Card interface (MCUP) in a 128-
pin TQFP and a modem data pump (MDP) in a 144-pin
TQFP or 100-pin PQFP. The SP model can also be
ordered with an RCDSVD Speech Codec Processor
(SCP) in a 100-pin PQFP to support DSVD.
The MCUP PC Card interface supports two peripheral
channels, one channel for the modem and a second
channel for an optional user-defined function (Function 2).
Downloadable architecture supports downloading of
modem firmware from the host/DTE to the MCU and,
transparently to the host/DTE, the downloading of MDP
code modules from the MCU.
The modem operates by executing firmware from external
1Mbit (128k x 8) RAM and 2Mbit (256k x 8) ROM/flash
ROM. The RC336 and RC144 can alternatively use
external 1Mbit or 2Mbit ROM/flash ROM and either
internal or external 32k x 8 RAM. Double the normal ROM
size for GSM operation.
In V.90/K56flex mode (RC56), the modem can receive
data at speeds up to 56 kbps from a digitally connected
V.90- or K56flex-compatible central site modem. Taking
advantage of the PSTN which is primarily digital except
for the client modem to central office local loop,
V.90/K56flex modems are ideal for applications such as
remote access to an Internet Service Provider (ISP), on-
line service, or corporate site. The modem can send data
at speeds up to V.34 rates.
In V.34 data mode (RC56 and RC336), the modem
operates at line speeds up to 33.6 kbps. Error correction
(V.42/MNP 2-4) and data compression (V.42 bis/MNP 5)
maximize data transfer integrity and boost average data
throughput up to 230.4 kbps. Non-error-correcting mode is
also supported.
In V.32 bis mode, the modem operates at line speeds up
to 14.4 kbps.
The modem supports fax Group 3 send and receive rates
up to 33.6 kbps and supports T.30 protocol.
V.80 synchronous access mode supports host-based
communication protocols, e. g., H.324 video conferencing.
In voice/TAM mode, enhanced 2-bit or 4-bit per sample
ADPCM coding and decoding at 7200 Hz sample rate
allows efficient digital storage of voice/audio. This mode
supports applications such as digital telephone answering
machine (TAM), voice annotation, and recording from and
playback to the telephone line.
SP models support position independent, full-duplex
speakerphone (FDSP) operation using microphone and
speaker, as well as other voice/TAM applications using
handset or headset. SP models also support AudioSpan
(analog simultaneous audio/voice and data) operation
with a data rate of 4.8 kbps with audio.
SP models, using the optional RCDSVD SCP device,
support hardware-based (on-board) V.70 DSVD (digital
simultaneous voice and data) with speech coding per
ITU-T interoperable G.729 and G.729 Annex A with
interoperable G.729 Annex B. GSM operation with 4M
ROM is not available when the RCDSVD SCP is used.
Host-based DSVD is supported in all models, however,
the host PC must supply full-duplex sound support,
typically to a microphone/speaker, such as provided by
Conexant WaveArtist devices or a sound card.
GSM operation supports data services offered by the
Global System for Mobile Communications network: data
transmissions to PSTN, ISDN or GSM users. GSM data
operation allows data and fax transfer, and connection to
Analog cellular and GSM direct connect operation is
supported by licensed firmware for specific phone types.
A common PC board design can support data/fax, V.80,
voice/TAM/telephone extensions, speakerphone,
AudioSpan, and host- or on-board DSVD operation
depending on the installed modem devices.
Accelerator kits and reference designs are available to
minimize application design time and costs. PC-based
“ConfigurACE™ II for Windows” software allows MCU
firmware to be customized.

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