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AD7366 Datasheet(PDF) 13 Page - Analog Devices

Part No. AD7366
Description  True Bipolar Input, Dual 1us, 12-Bit, 2-Channel SAR ADC
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Maker  AD [Analog Devices]
Homepage  http://www.analog.com

AD7366 Datasheet(HTML) 13 Page - Analog Devices

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Preliminary Technical Data
Rev. PrG | Page 13 of 17
The AD7366 also has a VDRIVE feature to control the voltage at
which the serial interface operates. VDRIVE allows the ADC to
easily interface to both 3 V and 5 V processors. For example, if
the AD7366 was operated with a VCC of 5 V, the VDRIVE pin could
be powered from a 3 V supply, allowing a large dynamic range
with low voltage digital processors. Thus, the AD7366 could be
used with the ±10 V input range while still being able to
interface to 3 V digital parts.
To achieve the maximum throughput rate of 1.12Msps VDRIVE
must be greater than or equal to 4.75V, see table 3. The
maximum throughput rate for the AD7366 with the VDRIVE
voltage set to less than 4.75 and greater than 2.7 is 1 Msps.
The AD7366 can operate with either the internal 2.5 V on-chip
reference or an externally applied reference. The logic state of
the REFSEL pin determines whether the internal reference is
used. The internal reference is selected for both ADC when the
REFSEL pin is tied to logic high. If the REFSEL pin is tied to
GND then an external reference can be supplied through the
DCAPA and DCAPB pins. On power-up, the REFSEL pin must be
tied to either a low or high logic state for the part to operate.
Suitable reference sources for the AD7366 include AD780,
AD1582, ADR431, REF193, and ADR391.
The internal reference circuitry consists of a 2.5 V band gap
reference and a reference buffer. When operating the AD7366
in internal reference mode, the 2.5 V internal reference is
available at DCAPA and DCAPB pins, which should be decoupled
to AGND using a 680nF capacitor. It is recommended that the
internal reference be buffered before applying it elsewhere in
the system. The internal reference is capable of sourcing up to
150 μA with an analog input range of ±10 and 60 μA for both
the ±5V and 0-10V ranges.
If the internal reference operation is required for the ADC
conversion, the REFSEL pin must be tied to logic high on
power-up. The reference buffer requires 500 µs to power up and
charge the 680nF decoupling capacitor during the power-up
The AD7366 is specified for a 2.5 V to 3 V reference range.
When a 3V reference is selected, the ranges are ±12 V, ±6 V, and
0 V to +12 V. For these ranges, the VDD and VSS supply must be
equal to or greater than the +12V &-12V respectively.

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