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CS5422 Datasheet(PDF) 10 Page - ON Semiconductor

Part No. CS5422
Description  Dual Out−of−Phase Synchronous Buck Controller with Current Limit
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Manufacturer  ONSEMI [ON Semiconductor]
Direct Link  http://www.onsemi.com
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CS5422 Datasheet(HTML) 10 Page - ON Semiconductor

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Figure 6. Hiccup Overcurrent Protection
Output Enable
On/Off control of the regulator outputs can be implemented
by pulling the COMP pins low. The COMP pins must be
driven below the 0.45 V PWM comparator offset voltage in
order to disable the switching of the GATE drivers.
Definition of the design specifications
The output voltage tolerance can be affected by any or all
of the following reasons:
1. buck regulator output voltage setpoint accuracy;
2. output voltage change due to discharging or charging
of the bulk decoupling capacitors during a load
current transient;
3. output voltage change due to the ESR and ESL of the
bulk and high frequency decoupling capacitors,
circuit traces, and vias;
4. output voltage ripple and noise.
Budgeting the tolerance is left up to the designer who must
take into account all of the above effects and provide an
output voltage that will meet the specified tolerance at the
The designer must also ensure that the regulator component
temperatures are kept within the manufacturer’s specified
ratings at full load and maximum ambient temperature.
Selecting Feedback Divider Resistors
Figure 7. Selecting Feedback Divider Resistors
The feedback pins (VFB1(2)) are connected to external
resistor dividers to set the output voltages. The error
amplifier is referenced to 1.0 V and the output voltage is
determined by selecting resistor divider values. Resistor R1
is selected based on a design trade−off between efficiency
and output voltage accuracy. The output voltage error can be
estimated due to the bias current of the error amplifier
neglecting resistor tolerance:
Error% + 1
R2 can be sized after R1 has been determined:
R2 + R1
Calculating Duty Cycle
The duty cycle of a buck converter (including parasitic
losses) is given by the formula:
Duty Cycle + D +
VOUT = buck regulator output voltage;
VHFET = high side FET voltage drop due to RDS(ON);
VL = output inductor voltage drop due to inductor wire
DC resistance;
VIN = buck regulator input voltage;
VLFET = low side FET voltage drop due to RDS(ON).
Selecting the Switching Frequency
Selecting the switching frequency is a trade−off between
component size and power losses. Operation at higher
switching frequencies allows the use of smaller inductor and
capacitor values. Nevertheless, it is common to select lower
frequency operation because a higher frequency results in
lower efficiency due to MOSFET gate charge losses.
Additionally, the use of smaller inductors at higher
frequencies results in higher ripple current, higher output
voltage ripple, and lower efficiency at light load currents.
The value of the oscillator resistor is designed to be
linearly related to the switching period. If the designer
prefers not to use Figure 8 to select the necessary resistor, the
following equation quite accurately predicts the proper
resistance for room temperature conditions.
21700 * fSW
ROSC = oscillator resistor in kΩ;
fSW = switching frequency in kHz.

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